10 Most Beautiful Lighthouses in the World – Travel Video

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Set at the entrance to beautiful bays and natural harbors, lighthouses have prevented ships from running aground for hundreds of years. Sadly, however, many of them have become redundant and been replaced by more effective onboard navigational systems. The ones that remain are, for the most part, automated, and boast more powerful lights and lenses than the beacons used in the past.

As they were designed to be visible, lighthouses often make for very distinctive landmarks: their shapes and colors stand out against the surrounding landscapes. Consequently, they make for some fantastic photo opportunities and are usually set in spectacular spots along rugged coastlines or overlooking wild seas.


38 thoughts on “10 Most Beautiful Lighthouses in the World – Travel Video

  1. <3 Our world is so wonderful. Ask yourself : are Your Forefathers who had built all up for you proud of you today? What do you do now, in your life to keep and guard it in the same condition ? What do you remark and observe around you what you want your children or grandchildren to see and watch or use….Ask yourself. These questions I started being interested while I was watching this video. Lighthouses are so unique bulidings they could deserve all to give them the world heritage board in the front of them. <3 Thank you for this beautiful video.

  2. 0:59 #10 Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse (Canal Beagle, Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina)
    1:50 #9 Galle Lighthouse (Galle, Sri Lanka)
    3:08 #8 Makapuu Point Lighthouse (Hawaii, USA)
    3:57 #7 Lindesnes Lighthouse (Lindesnesveien 1139, 4521 Lindesnes, Norway)
    5:06 #6 Cape Espichel Lighthouse (Cabo Espichel, Portugal)
    6:09 #5 Tower of Hercules (A Coruña, Spain)
    7:16 #4 Heceto Head Lighthouse (Oregon, USA)
    8:30 #3 Chania Lighthouse (Creta, Greece) – I was already there
    9:31 #2 Portland Head Light (Maine, USA)
    10:24 #1 Formentor Lighthouse (Islas Baleares, Spain)

  3. This video is so fantastic and amazing. Really great video I meant it. I wish I can visit all of this in my life! Feel free to get travel inspirations at my place – I will always follow back 💕🤩

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