10 SHOCKS of Wolters World Travel Videos

10 Things That Will Shock Travelers About Wolters World Travel and Culture Videos!
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Filmed in Oslo, Norway, La Fortuna, Costa Rica and Paris, France
Copyright Mark Wolters 2016

5 Things You Will Love & Hate about Wolters World Travel Videos

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35 thoughts on “10 SHOCKS of Wolters World Travel Videos

  1. Mark you are the real deal you tell it like it really is from travelling to food to accommodation thank you for just being you as I see a person and a family doing this things a family should do and being honest about the cost of travel and the dangers of the countries that you have visited you tell me and others that watch and subscribe to you channel keep up the excellent work my name is Curtis Sullivan and i live in Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada

  2. I’ve only discovered the channel recently but I’ve watched everything from places I have no intention of visiting as well as places I know well or live! I love the reviews! Very honest, informal, first hand views – very entertaining and enlightening!
    I see you have a few more subs than 100k now too!! 👍

  3. Dont downplay yourself Mark. When I wanna know what not to do, or maybe interesting things that the normal travel guides do not mention, or simply want to entertain myself. I head right over to Wolters World. Thanks for the dedication.

  4. What I like about your channel is that it presents destinations as they are. It doesn’t force any opinion, it’s not sponsored by a company that tries to push their own brand. It’s basically like, this is a place, here are the facts, here’s what to do and see and that’s it. Go and have a great adventure.

  5. Hi Mark and Jocelyn, been around so long new most of that, but it was still a great watch. Have never noticed the editing, looks o.k. to me. I have given you a tip for getting over fear of flying, go take a couple of flying lessons it works, you could even do a video about it. Cheers from New Zealand.

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