10 video game series that deserve to be revived

When a video The game is successful, a string of sequels is usually inevitable. Fans scream for more, developers want to deliver. Sometimes the idea of ​​these follow-ups fades, and many series welcome them, but some go away too quickly. We have chosen a few franchises that have suddenly disappeared despite being successful. All of them deserve a reboot, remake or remaster.

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Blood Women: Cain’s Legacy

Photo: Square Enix

This blood-soaked Gothic vampire series was a smash hit on the original PlayStation. Blood Women: Cain’s Legacy And sequels Inheritance of Cain: Soul River Amazingly innovative open-world action-adventure game that touches multiple genres, combining interesting characters and delicious dark stories with puzzles and hack-and-slash combat. Three more decent titles were followed, but they did not match the quality and imagination of their predecessors. It’s been almost 20 years since this series got a partnership by heart, and it’s been a long wait for a resurgence.

Twisted metal

Photo: SingleTrac

Who can resist an insane vehicle combat competition where a muscle car can face off against a semi, a motorbike and an ice cream truck, all of which are loaded with deadly weapons? Mysterious organizer Calypso presided over this latest vehicle-standing destruction derby featuring a bizarre cast of drivers. The original Cronze-Inducing live-action video ends are weird, but like reviving the gameplay. Rolled metal: Black The Road Rage formula is perfect with the balanced fights and dark flashbacks woven to give the characters some depth in the PlayStation 2. There was a string of canceled games before a hard reboot on the PS3 in 2012, but nothing has happened since.

No one lives forever

Photo: Monolith

Sometimes design, art, code and sound come together to create a lasting masterpiece. In the case of Monolith’s criminally underrated first-person spy caper, Operative: No one lives forever (NOLF). It features a fascinating story, interesting weapons and a wide array of gadgets, a female protagonist and gags appellant. There is no modern equivalent. Consequences No one lives forever 2: A spy on the path of loss Was equally brilliant, but prequel Contract Jack? Not too much. Sadly, the series never managed to attract the viewers it deserved and fell into the legal licensing limbo, which means you can no longer buy it.

Jet set radio

Photo: SEGA

A seemingly stunning game that pioneered cell shedding, Jet set radio It was an unveiling when it landed in 2000. Playing as a gang of inline skaters with the intention of tagging everything with graffiti, including rival gang members, it had a powerful anti-authority vibe and a kick-ass soundtrack. The real talent, though, was the pure pleasure of jumping and crushing around the densely layered urban playground at high speeds. Follow-up Jet set radio future, Released in 2002, was one of my favorite games on the original Xbox, but sales were relatively low. Sadly, Sega has never greenlighted any other game in the series, but you can feel the effect in the title. Sunset Overdrive.

Black hole keeper

Photo: EA

Stunningly original and deeply exploitative, Black hole keeper Turns the convention on its head and throws you as the evil lord of the underground kingdom filled with minions and monsters. The challenge was to resist the invading heroes with the intention of looting your acquired wealth. It was a unique blend of strategy gameplay, management sim and dark humor. The original was the last game with legend Peter Molinex’s Bullfrog, but the sequel was even better looking and equally brilliant. EA cancels third game, clears decks for Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings games. This series demands an accurate sequel. (I refuse to recognize the horrible money-grabbing microtransaction-related mobile version.) Black hole keeper Affected many games over the years, from Minecraft In the Dungeons series.

Unreal tournament

Photo: Epic Games

Boasting an incredibly crazy first-person shooter Deathmatch, Unreal tournament For me there was a pretty balanced high-octane addiction. Weapons and gadgets permitted for different play styles (Flack cannon was great), it was chic and the level design was great. The idea of ​​an intergalactic fight for death in a purpose-built arena has given designers free rein to create some of the best maps in the genre. I still regularly annoy my family when I win a game, “I’m Alpha and Omega!” In the voice of Xan Kriegor. There were several good sequels, and a reboot was announced in 2014 to be developed by a crowded team of Unreal Veterans and Moders. You can play it for free, but it’s never over, because Epic has become a bit of a sidetrack Fortnite.

Silent hills

Photo: Konami

Incredibly atmospheric, exciting and thoughtful, Silent hills Horror took games more seriously and created a series that went deeper into psychological terror. The first three games were great and I liked the new direction in the fourth (The house), But then it was downhill, with a disappointing HD remaster of Parts 2 and 3. Silent hills The reboot is that we got a PT (playable teaser) to show where the series is going. Hidio Kozima gave the ropes to Guillermo del Toro and lined Norman Ridas as the hero. Silent hills, But it was canceled when he fell in love with Konami, and created the trio Death stranding Instead.


Photo: Nintendo

The world of James Bond has influenced countless games, but officially licensed endeavors are rarely consistent, except for rare games. GoldenI007 On the Nintendo 64. The best multiplayer first-person shooter on a console at the time, and for a while, GoldenI007 There was also a powerful single-player campaign that allowed for stealth or combat methods. License rights have always been an issue for bonds, so we never got a remaster. The 2010 remake of Activation was good but very different, and disappointingly soft 007 Legend Our only bond game since then. The news is that Hitman d Developer Io Interactive is working Project 007 Very exciting, but that’s a long way off.

Star craft

Photo: Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzards are one of the best real-time strategy games of all time Star craft There was an epic struggle for interstellar domination, which pitted people against all sorts of alien races. The sequel took more than a decade but was worth the wait and some tough expansion followed. The series has created novels and even a board game. The original had a great remaster in 2017 with upgraded graphics and sound, so it’s probably tempting to ask for more, but Blizzard’s decision to officially end development Starcraft 2 Without any mention a Starcraft 3 Terrible fears show that this franchise may die.

Project Gotham Racing

Photo: Microsoft

Filled with the desired car and graphically impressive (for the time being) city circuit, Project Gotham Racing What was the Xbox Great tourism On the PlayStation. But PGR Hard work was always less concerned with realism and more fun for the game, and the Kudos Point system rewarded efficient driving and stylish techniques. The second game was my favorite, at least because it had a map of Edinburgh, which was my city at the time. Strictly speaking, the series began Metropolis Street Racer In Dreamcast, however, it has become the core of an Xbox. It seems to have filled the void left Power Series, so a reboot feels unlikely.

These games were revived… Kinda

4 blood in the back

Photo: Turtle Rock

It is always possible that a game series is dormant rather than truly extinct. This is the hope that the old headlines will one day revive the Eternal Springs for fans. Recent remasters for Vibration, Massive impact, Command and win, Alan Wake, And sequels like Crash Bandicoot 4: The time has come And Ghosts and Goblins: Resurrection Proves it can happen. We may never get it Half-life 3, But spin off the virtual reality Half-life: Alex It was good. The Broken sword The series was revived by Kickstarter. Then there are spiritual successors, such as Turtle Rock 4 blood in the back, Which seems like part Left 4 dead Series

There are other games that came to mind until I learned about the latest developments Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Which may be at the top of this list. But after working on the ports of the original and its sequel, Aspyr is making a full remake for PS5 and PC, although this is the first day and there is still no release date. A Dead place Work on a remake is also underway, such as one Legend Reboot, and both Homeworld 3 And Skate 4 On the horizon. We have a chance to get a new one Timessplitter Games, according to some original developers who have reformed the free radical design game studio.

Sometimes Dead Is Better

Critics may argue that it is better to keep some series alone. It is very easy to destroy the memory of a true classic by rebooting or creating a tapid sequel. Like there are polarizing releases Shenmu3 And Star Fox Zero, And there is direct evil. All my hopes for one Speedball 2 It has been thoroughly crushed by a string of desperate attempts called remakes, remasters or reboots.

The age of some series has gotten worse, which has been proven Duke Nukem forever, Retirement Suite Larry: Reloaded, And Double Dragon Neon. 2013 CMC The reboot wasn’t a bad game, but the launch was a digital rights management (DRM) disaster, just as the EA’s micro-transaction controversy Star Wars Battlefront II. And if you stray too far from the source material, things can get ugly. Try asking Bomberman: Act Zero. I realized horrible Black hole keeper Mobile games are probably here, but I’m not ready to give up hope that one day we’ll get a decent reboot.

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