11 Things You Should NEVER Do in Disney World

When you’re on a Disney World vacation, you learn about the things you must do, the things that you’d like to do, and the things that you wish you would have done. But I’m about to hit you with the things you should NEVER do. Because those things, my friends, are just as important as the good stuff.

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20 thoughts on “11 Things You Should NEVER Do in Disney World

  1. Uh, “NO” on the ride through videos. …if you are exploring coasters, you can’t experience the G Forces. I thought Harris’s Motorbike at Universal was way too intense for our 7yo, but my husband watched a video and found it pretty tame. So we ended up riding it, and thankfully my daughter LOVED it. My husband on the other hand was terrified, and won’t ever ride it again. Serves him right!

  2. Genie is nothing more than Disney wanting more of your money. With new attractions mostly being inferior in quality, Disney REALLY need a rethink of how they do business! With Universal upping their game and treating their visitors better, I have thought up what my next Florida trip could be:

    – stay in a Universal hotel
    – 2-4 Universal days
    – a day of shopping (a staple in my family and I’s Florida trips)
    – ONE Disney day, at Hollywood Studios, so my Dad can ride the Tower of Terror (his favorite ride), plus there’s a chance Disney park attendance may have dropped by then due to their bad business practices!

  3. We made the mistake of NOT buying something when we saw it – this hoodie for my husband – and then they took it off the shelves a few days later and we couldn't find it. I'd rather buy it, have buyer's remorse and return it.

  4. I once brought a hand painted glass jar full of all my change for pressed coins. And they made me dump the change in my bag and made me throw the jar away. There was no option to check it item in with guest relations. I was clueless to the rule and was heartbroken that my hand painted item was thrown away.

  5. It’s such a shame what Fastpass turned into. One of the original key factors of Fastpass was for it to be free. Mr. Disney waited in cues with his guests, one with the people, when he very well could have skipped and gone as soon as he wanted. It was in the spirit of Walt Disney that Fastpass and then Fastpass+ was originally made free, and there is nothing lost in continuing to extend the courtesy. There is, however, something sad about revoking that gift and ideaology of the founder himself just to milk people of even more money.

  6. YES to tip #9 ! I was just at Soarin’ and a group of girls recited the entire pre-show. Like we get it, you’ve seen it a million times but shhhh. It’s so rude. It also annoys me when people record rides. I’ve had this happen on Spaceship Earth and Frozen Ever After WITH flash. It’s just very inconsiderate, it ruins the magic, and they’ll probably never watch their video again. There are plenty of high quality POV’s on YouTube already.

  7. Or, hear me out … take your family to Dollywood, instead. It’s nearly year round nowadays, it’s absolutely beautiful, most lines are 5-30 minutes, and it’s SO much cheaper.

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