12 Early Black Friday works with guaranteed prices

Early holiday shopping It’s smart, but this year, it can be important to make sure your gifts arrive on time. But what if you’re trying to save money by waiting until Black Friday? Well, Best Buy is offering an early Black Friday sale, full rereaders recommend in a review on Gear.

There are several “early Black Friday deals” going on, but this sale is different: it comes with a price guarantee. If the price of an item is marked Prices are guaranteed on Black Friday Decreasing between now and November 26, you will find the difference. Caught? You must be a member of My Best Purchase (free to join) to participate. It also does not cover the differences that pop up On On Black Friday, however, there is a good chance that the price difference will be relatively small. It is better to save some money now and get your gadget on time than to deal with delayed shipping and potential sales of the item. Note: Some of these contracts will expire on October 22, but the deadline may be extended.

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Home theater deals

Samsung QN90A.

Photo: Samsung

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The TCL 6-Series (9/10, WIRED Recommends) is the best TV you can buy. Its price has fluctuated a bit over the last few years, but it is saving you about $ 100 more than the normal cost. Both Amazon and Walmart matched the price.

Full price, this model goes for $ 800, although you can often find it on sale for a little less. The 6 650 cost is the lowest we’ve ever tracked, calling Parker Hall, Wired’s associate editor, “one of the most beautiful TVs for money.”

This Samsung set is our top choice for bright rooms. This is one of the best deals in its history. Mini LED backlighting and sharp contrast will keep your content clean, even in rooms with open screens, or sitting in a strange corner while watching a game with family on the holidays. Read more in our in-depth review. You can also get this deal on Amazon.

Headphones and speakers deal

Sony WH-1000XM4.

Photo: Sony

This star discount came up earlier in the week. Sony WH-1000XM4s (9/10, WIRED Recommends) are the absolute best wireless headphones. Thanks to the incredible sound-cancellation, long battery life and comfortable lightweight design, we think they are also worth the money at full price. A theft of $ 100 saved. Discounts are available on Amazon and Adorama.

This is the most comfortable gaming headset. It looks great, but more importantly, it sounds incredible and has star software for booting. We highly recommend it. Price is the lowest we’ve tracked. Amazon sells it at the same price.

This is an early Black Friday deal match on Amazon that we saw a few weeks ago. These headphones have been selling for about 200 200 since mid-August, although they often go up in full price. Beats Studio 3 (8/10, Wired Recommendations) features Booming Ars Comfortable Year Cup, Plus Active Noise Canceling and a W1 chip that makes the iPhone Bluetooth pairing airy.

Easily at the best price we have tracked for the Jabra Elite 75t, this deal is perfect for those interested in those little buds that pack a good punch. We now recommend the new 85t, but the 75t is still capable enough, and the active sound-cancellation for $ 80 is hard to beat. Discounts are available on Amazon.

Technically, these have been hovering around this price for weeks, but we still think this deal is reasonable. All of the picks in our guide to the best wireless earbuds of the Galaxy Buds Pro (/ 10/10, wired recommendation) have the best sound quality. Dope doesn’t hit the violet color option, (although they are also available in black and white.) You can also get this deal on Amazon.

More tech deals

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

Photo: Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 (7/10, wired recommendation) has some discounts, but most of them didn’t apply to the unlocked version. The battery life of this folding phone is shaped and it’s hard to open with one hand, but the nice design and compact size make it all work – especially at this price. The same deal is available on Amazon.

Considering that a 3-pack of these cameras sells for more than 500 500, this deal is no worries from an economic point of view if you are already planning to buy them. The factor is that the Arlo Pro 4 is the best outdoor security camera and this deal is even harder to lose. In addition to the cameras and their respective batteries, this bundle includes a charging station, anti-theft mount and a yard mark. Note that some cameras and security features require a subscription.

Unlike some other home security systems, UFI does not require a subscription. This bundle includes two cameras and the necessary homebase. You can also snatch a standalone camera for sale for 100. Read more about systems and more in our Best Outdoor Security Camera Guide.

If there’s a better deal on this watch, we haven’t seen it yet. We think the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 (7/10, wired recommendation) is the best smartwatch for Android owners. It is available in two forms, both of which are discounted. You can snatch the same deal on Amazon.

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