12 Most Beautiful Palaces in the World – Travel Video

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Once home to kings and queens, palaces were built not only to act as royal residences, but to project power and prestige. As such, monarchs and emperors vied with one another, commissioning lavish summer homes and assembling exquisite art collections with which to fill their endless halls and royal chambers. Besides the magnificent artworks, the former royal residences also boast gorgeous grounds and gardens, with plenty of fabulous fountains and flowerbeds on display. Due to their significant artistic, cultural and historical value, these beautiful palaces now make for some of the most popular tourist attractions around.


50 thoughts on “12 Most Beautiful Palaces in the World – Travel Video

  1. None of the palaces in the list are more beautiful than Mysore Palace and Umaid Bhawan Palace in India. And Peterof Palace is more beautiful than Winter Palace in reality. Agree that Forbiden palace is the largest palace complex in the world but I doubt is the most beautiful. I dont mind to give top position to Palace of Varsales or even Patiola palce though. By the way, Hava Mahal is not even a seperate palace but is just a part of Jaipur city palace complex.

  2. England had such economic might for centuries and built some of the most boring palaces and landscapes. If you're going to colonize the world at least build something impressive and imaginative with that stolen wealth!

  3. I love magnificent glorious palaces. My favorites are Buckingham Palace, Palace of the popes, Grand Palace in Thailand, the palace in Loire Valley Valley in France, French palace at Versailles, and Alhambra in Spain. They're so historical.

  4. lewat ie utara bangkok awak nyoe ibeuh' sesudah sumpah Negara Benua Bireuen NBC nation of bireuen continental, baru bisa pulang juga UN,uno,nato,Unesco,w.h.o.int.undp.unep,….setelah perang-perang 1200 mangkat/gugur….penduduk meninggal 7500 jiwa lebih dan 12 juta jiwa lebih meninggal……kemudian baru bisa puulaang…..
    atas jasa pemerintahan burak-burak suhuf gaib 1999's dan nya…….

  5. Thanks for this wonderful video. Been to d palaces, #10 Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand, #6 Hawa Mahal in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India, #3 AlHambra in Granada, Spain. Need to visit more palaces in Europe.

  6. Shame on you where is Mysore palace actually it deserves to be in number one place this video is incomplete without the Mysore palace in Karnataka India …you come and see how the palace is you will come to know see the luxurious inside and the architect of the palace 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 next time I'll do a video on gathering more information on palaces especially on Mysore palace

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