12 SOLO Travel Tips 🌍 | How To Travel The World (As A Woman!)

These solo travel tips will help you see the world alone! Solo female travel is something I’ve been doing for 10 years and here is my best travel advice… 😁

Travelling solo – especially as as a woman or girl – may seem intimidating, but I promise you that if I can do it so can you! It’s totally normal to be nervous before you take the leap and travel solo for the first time. But these 12 solo travel tips are everything you need to get you started on your next big trip 💕

If you want some travel inspiration, check out my video about every single one of the 49 countries I’ve visited. You can watch it here:


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07:19 Nightlife
08:22 Blending In
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10:19 Flexibility
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44 thoughts on “12 SOLO Travel Tips 🌍 | How To Travel The World (As A Woman!)

  1. I’m graduating college next year and really want to travel before starting a masters program, but i have no one to travel with. I think I will do a few solo trips in my country this summer before attempting anywhere in EU!

  2. I’m going to be solo traveling in Europe for my spring break but it was more so a situation where I wanted to be with people but it didn’t happen and I didn’t want that to hold me back. Though I’m still happy and grateful to be able to travel at all, I am a bit sad of how I ended up in this situation and I am pretty anxious/nervous. I am excited too but I’m still working on being more open and friendly/sociable so I was wondering if you had any advice for me. Thank you

  3. One thing I do as a solo traveler is at night I walk near other women, grandmas, moms with children, etc. Not creepily close, just enough that it might make someone think twice before wanting to hurt me because I’m in such close proximity to someone else. Also I always carry the card of the hotel or hostel or whatever place I’m staying at on my person in case I get lost and need to just grab a taxi. Also if I feel unsafe I grab my phone and pretend I’m telling someone I’m on my way and I’m telling them exactly where I am (again it’s just to make it less appealing to mug me, kidnap me). And my last advice is I always have my hand over my valuables, just hovering over it gently nothing crazy, if I leave stuff in my room I try to hide it.

    Oh! And fold your clothes by rolling them instead of folding into squares, huge space saver and doesn’t wrinkle your clothes!

    Happy Traveling!

  4. I've literally just come back from traveling solo for the first time. I went to Iceland. I had a gap were I was kid free and jumped at the opportunity. I split up with my ex s few months ago and honestly it's been the most spectacular experience. I have no regrets and can't wait to do it again.

  5. I'm french and I've traveled solo when I was 21 (I'm 28 now) to London. It was the best experience of my entire life. Now I'm considering Workaways to Mexico, Costa Rica, South America, then travels to Japan and Korea. The entire experience may be 5 months long. I'm excited and stressed at the same time. I'm very bored in my life and need new challenges, new experiences and I'd love to volunteer for causes close to my heart. On the other hand, I've (functioning) anxiety which is mostly managed by organization, and I need quite a lot of time alone… I'm afraid to feel overwhelmed away from home.

  6. Once you go solo, the idea of having to plan a trip with someone else seems annoying. I absolutely love this. I solo travel all the time (over 30 countries and counting). The best places to go to meet people are hostels and events. Always google the latest scams in the area (especially on transportation). I went a trip by myself to Strasbourg, France on Saturday and it filled my energy cup. I got to cafe-sit, people-watch, eat churros and take in the scenery without distraction. I have a fiance whom I adore and long to be close to and fully supports my trips alone and we enjoy trips together. Solo travel is normal for a lot of people. Don't be discouraged by the naysayers. xxSafe Travelsx

  7. I did my first travel since 14 years of being in U.S, I got to travel back to my country “ Ghana” alone without no company after so many excuses. I didn’t enjoy myself much because of the COvid, but I plan on doing it again next year , I plan on going to Chicago for a mini weekend and ready to travel anywhere and have some fun. Too many excuses from people, do what you have to do to be happy.

  8. Thank you so much for these tips! It’s been my dream to travel to Europe solo (from the US) but I’m 20 and still living at home so my parents don’t support it at all. I understand why, but I feel like more girls are starting to go off on their own and it’s not as bad and they make it seem! Don’t know how to convince them, but I hope I can do this too one day!

  9. My goal this year is to make at least one solo trip 🤩, I have always wanting to travel low-key.

    I really hope THE fun begins this year 😊🤞🏼.

  10. Hola, que tal?, como van?, Los mejores y más cordiales Saludos desde puente piedra, lima, Perú, ojalá que puedas venir en algún momento a mi país y que disfrutes mucho de todo por aquí, con la familia y los amigos, felicidades por tus vídeos…

  11. Hi, Loving your posts these days. I plan to visit turkey for 2 weeks, and for at least 3 to 4 days, I want to live with a local family. I was wondering if you can share your tips, how can do that.

  12. I am a university student in Srilanka …I wanna be a solo traveller …thank you for your valuable informations…I am studying nursing so I hope to go abroad for my higher studies then I earn money and start my traveling journey 😊

  13. This is a great video, lots of useful information! I am a woman who has travelled solo many times (though just in Europe, I'm not as adventurous as you!) and you make lots of excellent points. I am looking to go outside my comfort zone and travel further afield very soon.
    One thing I would add is to organise your journeys well. Think about your arrival times, because train/bus stations are not great places to be by yourself past certain times of night. Sometimes it's better to spend a bit of your budget on a night in a hotel and leave in the morning than be in a strange place on your own at 3am with weird and potentially dangerous people hanging around. Back-up planning in case you get stranded (happened to me twice) is also important- make a list of hotels in the city with 24hr reception desks before you leave so that you can just rock up and ask for a room if your travel plans go out the window.
    Happy trails! 🙂

  14. Favorite part of solo travel for me is the flexibility to be spontaneous and basically calling the shots on what I want to do, when I want to do it and not having the frustration of waiting on a travel mate and making sure they are happy because that stresses me out! I
    First (sort of) solo trip was when I was 53 – I studied abroad in Florence Italy for 3 weeks, but extended a trip and did some solo time. Second ti,e I was 59 same as before but the solo time was 2 weeks in Florence and Tuscany. I felt safe. The only time I got nervous was one night I walked by myself to my apartment at night (10ish) and it was dark. Streets where empty and I realized perhaps this was not the smartest move. I got home safely but made sure I was in shortly before dark after that. I’m not a big nightlife person so that worked. Embarking on a solo trip to the UK in June 2022 and feel confident about going!

  15. In my 20-40’s I traveled the USA as a trucker. Since then I’ve traveled by car and plane all over the USA. I’ve traveled internationally with organized groups and with friends and self made itineraries. Thanks for sharing your tips.

  16. I just finished my degree and decided that next year I will start travelling solo for a year or so… I am so scared and excited about the idea, but after all this covid situation I really need an adventure like this one 🤗 love from Ireland!

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