13 Best Cyber ​​Monday Kitchen Deals (2021): Instant Pots, Stand Mixers, Knives

Instant Pot Duo

Amazon, Walmart (no stock)

What would a kitchen deal post be without an instant pot? Continuous Sales Instant Pot is a place to enter the world of pressure cooking at a good, reasonably priced price. This model has nine different functions, from cooking rice to making yogurt. It’s big enough for a family meal, and the end result will be just as delicious as the more expensive models.


The thermometers in the Thermoper series of thermoworks are the Cadillac of the instant-read thermometer world. They are not cheap, but they are reliable, easy to use and last forever I have been using mine for years and it is as good as it gets. One is accurate up to ± 0.5 degrees Fahrenheit and takes one second to read the temperature. Keep in mind that thermopenes are not sold on Amazon and we recommend avoiding any thermopenes (or knock-offs) there.


This is our guide to the best chef’s knives, and it was the most common knife in all the restaurants I’ve worked with. It is light weight, holds the edge very well and since the blade is thinner and softer than most European-style knives. , It’s easy to sharpen.

Vitamix 5200.

Photo: Amazon


There’s Blender, and then there’s Vitamix Blender. I was a skeptic, but like my fellow gear reviewer Joe Ray, Vitamix made me a Blender person. A blender is, basically, a blade on top of a motor. Everything else just gets in the way. Why the motor Vitamix is ​​so good. And yes, Vitamix is ​​expensive, but it’s worth it. It’s not the best deal we’ve ever seen, but it’s the best we’ve seen this year.


If you think of a blender as a smoothie, this is the blender you want. It’s not an earthquake deal, but Nutribulet is the perfect single-serving smoothie maker, and the mixing pot is twice as big as your glass, so you can mix and go.

Tea Spot (enter cyberta at checkout)

One of our favorite tea shops is having a site-wide sale. I especially like this tumblr, which acts as a brewer and keeps your tea hot for a few hours. The deal also gives you three tea samples. You will also receive free shipping (unless you live in Alaska or Hawaii).

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