13 Essential Bucket List Trips to Make Before 30 | World Travel Guide

If you haven’t checked these 13 ESSENTIAL BUCKET LIST TRIPS off YOUR Bucket List – then stop what you’re doing and watch this world travel guide, and if you can, do them before you turn 30!





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33 thoughts on “13 Essential Bucket List Trips to Make Before 30 | World Travel Guide

  1. 1. Backpack Europe vth friends
    2. Solo trip to southeast Asia
    3. Work to live – holiday visa
    4. Hitch hiking and couch surfing
    5. Festival/carnival
    6. Travel for love
    7. Dirt bag trip
    8. hike
    9. Cultural immersion
    10. Meaningful travel for personal/spiritual growth

  2. You do realize life doesn't stop at 30, right? What young people don't understand (don't worry, i didn't either) is that life continues to get BETTER as you age. You just have to make the decisions that are right for you. I think unhappy people are the ones who live a life of "should" (I should get married, have kids, buy that house, have a nice car…) rather than a life of authenticity. If you're not about that life path, don't walk down it! I'm 43 years old and traveled extensively when I was younger and I've never stopped. Why? Because I built a life around what I love. And my adventures have gotten even better over time because #wisdom. Don't fear getting older. Just fear conforming to a life not suited for you.

  3. I’m 23. When I was 17 I became pregnant with my boyfriend of 3years. Which was during the time of my apprenticeship. I got 52 weeks paid maternity leave and so did my boyfriend. When are daughter hit 4months old we travelled the world together. We travelled for 27 weeks it’s was absolutely amazing and one of the best experiences. We returned to our apprenticeship which fortunately we both worked Monday-Thursday. So around every 2 weeks we would travel on the Friday till Sunday then return back home which we continued for about a year. We then really got focused in our careers. I was hired by Dior as a visual merchandiser/event planner assistant. After working as that as my job for 7months I got promoted as the store interior designer director. Around a year I got promoted again adding to my job description styling models for photo shoots and runways. Which I’ve been working as for about a year and a half now. My boyfriend is also doing really well in his career owning his own business. Our daughter is at school(was obviously until covid-19). My boyfriend proposed a few weeks ago. Everyone’s path is different.

  4. Thank you so much. I used to travel all by myself to Berlin, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam,…because I could not find anybody else to go with me. I thought I was crazy or that's what everybody thought about me. Now I know there are people travelling alone and I am not crazy.

  5. Peru had the last couple of games to classify to the World Cup Russia 2018, with New Zealand, one game over there, one game in Peru.
    Even though we know New Zealanders are more into rugby , was nice why they did there
    That was funny too, they say that behavior like tourists in the middle of the field is unusual.
    That was an interesting moment for both groups.

  6. Alex you reminded me this guy.
    Charlie was depressed because he hit the big 40
    I guess hitting 30 or 40 is harder on some people.
    I was impressed with your thirties video, you sounded more mature that I expected. Good, sane, wise advices.
    I am in my forty something kid 😁
    Yes the energy plays a good role however my body doesn’t affect my spirit, and besides as you age you start liking different things too.
    So, do I want to be back in my twenties or perhaps my thirties? not really, been there done that.
    Hope both of you you had a good time in Peru , surely the New Zealand football soccer team did.
    Have a great wedding Alex , congratulation and best wishes for you and your fiancé.
    Marko take it easy, I do not think you are old to be single, you have time to chose the right one, just don’t wait too much.
    Look at George Clooney, nice fellow but can hardly pick up his kids.
    Good luck to both of you, your parents raised you well.

  7. Hey bros. I'm over 30 but all your tips are so right on. Just subscribed now and can't wait to see your traveling in this new covid19 era. Btw is Marco single ? Wanna marry me ?

  8. I'm in my 30's and never did any travel, none that you mentioned. I'm now married and pregnant and heartbroken that I didn't take the opportunities of youth!
    Don't live a life of regret like me – go have these experiences!
    I still haven't given up – just look at the Bucketlist Family. When there's a will, there'll be a way. 🙂

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