15 Mistakes To Avoid on Your 2021 Disney World Trip

We’re done telling you about all the things you need to do in 2021, now we’re telling you about what you absolutely, under no circumstances, should NOT do this year in Disney World.

Tips to Ride Rise of the Resistance:

What’s Open & What’s Not:

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30 thoughts on “15 Mistakes To Avoid on Your 2021 Disney World Trip

  1. My kids are 8. We been going to Disneyland every few years on vacation. We Always go the 2nd week of December. It’s the best time to go! Everyone is in school and work. You get the Christmas feel without the holiday rush. We take our kids out of school. You also don’t get sunburn or dehydrated.

  2. My advice after our family trip. Don't waste your money. Insane lines for 2 hours in dangerous heat. $5 waters and weak rides. It's a big gift shop for old ladies. Not for kids. Now with genie line skipping. Even worse. Go anywhere else and have fun.

  3. How annoying that you have to wear mask at a theme park that’s OUTSIDE. Disney is super overwhelming and I’m sure it would be so fun to go but there’s just so much and I’m not sure if I want to pay thousands to not be able to breathe comfortably.. hard pass..

  4. I am going in October with my parents for my 2nd time ever and for my parents anniversary and for celebrating life in general, my dad got Covid-19 really bad and for a lack of a better term he was lucky to survive, so we are celebrating our family.

  5. hello
    I am planning a Disney vacation I have a emotional support animal and I am planing to stay at Disney’s all star movie’s resort do you know if my emotional support animal will be able to stay with me?

  6. Just a suggestion, as you are showing all the cool things in different stores, it would be helpful if you could add an on screen comment which store/park it is located in.

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