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Although it’s no secret that Apple executives sit among them Sierra Blue Counting ivory towers and their guilders as the most profitable companies in the world, the company’s streaming arm, Apple TV + is relatively new and other parts of the company haven’t seen the same dazzling revenue in a long time. Maybe that’s why, according to a recent report, the company is having a hard time tackling the growing level of online piracy that has been built around its increasingly popular streaming offerings.

Piracy, after all, is a thriving business, and a recent report of it Digital Citizens Alliance It is suggested that the top five torrent sites currently earn বিজ্ঞ 18.3 million in digital advertising revenue and sponsorship each year.

According to the data compiled by Macromer, Apple TV + Originals is currently one of the most popular offers on popular torrent sites, with nearly 2,000 seed files available for active streaming on most major piracy sites. At the high end of the spectrum, this number could extend to 125,000 “cedars” – open torrent links available for Internet users to open or download – on the specific website for each of the popular Apple TV + titles. Although the download trend on websites is different, the Apple TV + headline that the undisputed king of piracy is currently “The Morning Show,” “SEE” and “Ted Lasso”, the latest to break a record seven Emmy Awards for a new comedy in the history of the award show. Most nominations.

Among popular streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney +, it is a common practice to monitor the illegal promotion of movies and TV shows by relying on third-party implementing partners to flag stolen content. And while Apple has recently issued a DMCA withdrawal order for stolen content in partnership with digital copyright protection firm Research Inc. and Opsec Security, those efforts find no match for pirated content providers.

According to Macromers, while Search Google has issued more than 320,000 DMCA orders to Google citing copyright infringement for Apple TV + ‌ content, such requests do not actually help mitigate actual hosting of pirated content – they only flag Google sites. , Which makes it difficult to find them through a standard Google search. To ensure that the content itself is actually deleted, companies need to issue the same DMCA commands on actual websites hosting pirated content – a process that can quickly become uncontrollable, especially since large piracy sites only act as aggregates of content that cleverly Is hosted elsewhere, making it difficult to trace the original source.

At the end of the day, although McMurrays saw that Apple’s 91.2 percent recall request was successfully implemented, torrent sites are still packing their content offers with Apple TV + content – an effort that doesn’t seem to be “significantly hampered” by Apple’s law.

Apple may be the king of profits, but when it comes to dealing with the slippery world of pirated content, it’s another death knell – e.g. Most of its rivals In the streaming sector.

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