New How To Set Your Dragon TV Series In Modern Day

A little boy wearing a hoodie approaches a white-and-black Night Fury dragon.

That kid looks amazingly unprepared he’s about to touch a dragon.
Pictures: DreamWorks Animation

Worked very well with DreamWorks How to train your dragon Three of the franchises are extreme Well received movie, Two Animated TV series Which has been running simultaneously since 2012, and a team of other media tie-ins have made it one of the most beloved children’s series of the twenty-first century. So it’s amazing to discover how much DreamWorks is interested in stirring up its latest formula Dragon Series.

Unlike all other installments in the series, which takes place in an upcoming fantasy Viking-era environment. Dragon: Nine Territories It takes Place … Now. According to the press release:

“Set 1,300 years after its events How to train your dragon, The dragon is now a legend in the modern world. When geological inconsistencies opened up a huge, mile-deep crack on the Earth’s surface, scientists from around the world gathered at a new research center to study the mysterious phenomenon. Soon a group of misfit kids, their parents brought to the site, revealed the truth about the dragon and where they were hiding.A They must keep it a secret in order to protect what they have discovered.

There’s no other hint in the trailer for the first teaser, but it certainly looks good Adventurous momentJeremy Shada gave the voice.

I never really considered it Dragon Dragons are flying around the world সিনেমা all the movies in our world are flying, so discovering that they are part of the real world is actually more of a hassle for me than a huge time-waster. Although since the show’s title is “The Nine Realms”, there’s probably some room for inter-dimensional nurse chickens. Still, it’s weird to understand the movie stars ’hiccups, astrids, fishlags and snoutouts, they will die for a long time when the show takes place.

Dragon: Nine Territories Dec. 23 Hulu and Peacock debuted on both streaming services.

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