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Fitness trackers aren’t dead, and if you’re reading this, you’re probably the one keeping these little devices alive. Smartwatches have taken up a mainstream wearable space, but modest fitness trackers remain an option for those who want a gadget to do a job all the time. Despite Headwind, there are still a bunch of fitness bands out there to choose from. Engadget has tested many of them and is the best pick for most people.

Do fitness trackers do well?

The answer seems simple: fitness trackers are the best at observing exercise, be it a 10-minute walk around the block or a half marathon for which you are training hard. Obviously, smartwatches can do this too, but there are some areas where fitness bands have the upper hand: focus, design, battery life and price.

When I say “focus”, I’m referring to the fact that fitness trackers are designed to track activity well; Something extra. They often don’t have the bells and whistles that smartwatches do, which can be distracting from their activity-tracking capabilities. They have fewer sensors and internal components, which keeps them smaller and lighter. Fitness trackers are a better option for those who want a less obvious device on their wrist all day.

Battery life also tends to be better on fitness trackers. While most smartwatches last one to two days on a single charge, fitness bands last five days to a week এবং and that’s with use all day and all night.

There is no competition when it comes to price. Most expensive smartwatches start at 175 to $ 200, but you can get a solid fitness tracker starting at $ 70. Yes, more expensive bands exist (and we recommend a few here), but you’ll find more options under ট্র 150 in the Fitness Tracker space than in the Smartwatch space.

When to get a smartwatch instead

If you need a little more than your wearer, you’ll probably want a smartwatch. There are on-watch apps, alerts and more powerful fitness features that smartwatches have and fitness trackers don’t. You can use it to control smart home appliances, set timers and reminders, check weather reports, and more. Some smartwatches let you choose which app you want to receive alerts from, and the options just go beyond call and text notifications.

But the extra fitness features are arguably the most important thing when deciding between a fitness tracker and a smartwatch. Subsequent devices continue to grow, giving them more space for GPS, barometers, onboard music storage, and more. Although you can find the built-in GPS in the selected fitness tracker, this is not uncommon.

Engadget pick

Best overall: Fitbit Charge 5

Fitbit Charge 5 Fitness Tracker

Valentina Paladino / Engadget

Fitbit Charge 5 is what most people want on a fitness tracker. First and foremost, this is not a smartwatch. This means it has a slightly lower profile on the wrist and lasts days on a single charge while tracking activity and sleep. It also has a full AMOLED display একটি a big improvement over last year’s Charge 4’s smaller, grayscale screen. This display with a slim design makes the Charge 5K more premium than its predecessor.

But it’s 180 180 more than the Charge 4 – 30 30 more – and that’s part of the design upgrade but because of some extra features. Charge 5 has EDA sensors for stress tracking and it will eventually support ECG measurements and daily preparation scores (the latter is only for premium customers). These are on top of the existing features that were carried from Charge 4 সবচেয়ে most notably, Fitbit Pay support and built-in GPS. The former lets you pay for coffee or groceries with the swipe of your wrist, while the latter helps to map out running, biking and other activities. The built-in GPS remains the star of the show here এটি it’s fast and accurate, Charge 5 is the best option if you want all the wearable things you want to focus on fitness.

Buy Charge 5 on Amazon – $ 180

Option: Garmin Vivosmart 4

Garmin Vivosmart 4 fitness tracker.


A more sophisticated look option is the $ 100 Garmin Vivosmart 4. It is thinner than the Charge 5 and fits somewhat better with bracelets and other jewelry that you can wear regularly. But its sleek design is part of its appeal – Garmin knows how to track fitness, and the VivoSmart 4 is proof that you don’t have to drop hundreds on a company’s fitness watch to get a capable device.

Like the Charge 5, the VivoSmart 4 tracks all day activity and sleep and has a pulse ox sensor to measure blood oxygen saturation. It only has GPS capability and it has universal music controls that can control the playback of most things. The band is also waterproof and can track basic swimming exercises, it also has a battery for up to seven days. Although it’s similar to the Charge 5 that the VivoSmart 4 works with both Android and iOS devices, it’s a bit more flexible because it syncs with Apple Health (not the Charge 5 and other Fitbit devices).

Buy Vivosmart 4 on Amazon – 130

Best budget: Fitbit Inspire 2

A smartphone with a tile app and a black fitbit are shown against a dark gray background.

Fitbit / Tile

If you have only $ 100 left, then Fitbit Inspire 2 is the best option. It removes all the luxury features from Charge 5 and keeps only the essentials. You won’t get built-in GPS, Fitbit Pay or Spotify controls but you’ll get excellent activity tracking, automatic workout detection, smartphone alerts and much more. As an updated version of the Inspire HR, the Inspire 2 includes a heart rate monitor, which the device uses to keep track of daily heart rate, active zone minutes, sleep levels and more.

The Inspire HR Charge is thinner than 5 but also has an interchangeable band, so you can change its style whenever you like. Its design is also swimming, and it should last up to 10 days on a single charge. Fitbit recently added tile-tracking to Inspire 2, allowing you to locate your location using the Bluetooth locator feature and the Tile Mobile app. All these features make it the best quality fitness tracker for you.

Buy Inspire 2 at Fitbit – 100

Option: Samsung Galaxy Fit 2

Samsung Galaxy Fit 2


The $ 60 Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 band is almost like the more affordable Garmin Vivosmart 4. The two trackers share the same skeleton design but the Galaxy Fit looks a bit more useful – you can swap its bands, though – something you can’t do on a Garmin device.

We didn’t give the Fit 2 a full review treatment, but Engadget’s Charlene Low was impressed by the original Galaxy Fit: the Tizen-based interface is colorful and easy to use, and lots of people will appreciate its durable, messy design. It tracks a bunch of workouts and even has auto-exercise recognition. It is on top of its daily activity tracking and sleep monitors, all of which collect pulse data throughout the day using the built-in heart rate monitor.

The kicker of the Galaxy Fit 2 is battery life – the small tracker can last up to 15 days on a single charge and you can extend it up to 21 days if you change some settings. This is much more than most competing bands, so while not as extensive as Samsung Garmin or Fitbit, when it comes to collecting and analyzing fitness data, the Galaxy Fit 2 is a great option for those who want a basic tracker that they can safely forget to charge every night.

Buy Galaxy Fit 2 on Amazon – 60

The most fashionable: Wings Move

Withings Move Fitness Tracker.


All of the fitness trackers mentioned earlier are interesting in their own way (bonus points for interchangeable bands), but they share the same look. There are not many alternative designs for these devices. The $ 70 Withings Move watch is an exception, and one of the most traditionally fashionable fitness trackers. It is an analog watch with several health monitoring features including step, calorie, distance and sleep tracking, integrated GPS, automatic recognition for more than 30 workouts and a water-resistant design. However we really like it for its button-cell battery, which can last up to 18 months before a replacement is needed.

Buy With Move With Amazon – $ 70

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