X-Men # 4 Jean Gray’s Phoenix tackles past fashion and fashion choices

Jean Gray walks down a hallway as Emma Frost prepares to start some chaos.

Jean Gray and Emma Frost, colleagues, greet each other politely.
Pictures: Xavier Pina, Eric Arsiniga, Clayton Cowles / Marvel

Although X humanMore Bomb melodramatics Often the focus is drawn Marvel’s latest comics– Like mutants Declaring themselves the new rulers of Mars– There are many small details that suggest important developments that have not yet been fully implemented on the page. Jean Gray, for example, came back using her own Marvel Girl code name and clothing that she first started wearing in the late 60’s.

Charles Xavier and his X-Men are late-Espionage, Throw a festival (Where Wanda Maximoff Is dead), Mars on the surface, And so on – no one had the bandwidth to consider the immediate strangeness and potential effects of Jean’s return to the Marvel Girl personality. Probably because the X-Men are all trying to take a little less time X human # 4, From author Gary Duggan, artist Javier Pina, racist Eric Arsenegga, and later writer Clayton Cowles, a new interest in Jean Vintage emerges in a story that explores some of the deepest fears. Mutant Hero ‘ Subconsciousness.

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The events that took place, though not as a direct connection to bring the Avengers to Krakow recently X human # 4 Connected with what’s happening with the Avengers lately. At the end of the first issue Dr. Strange’s death, The current magician Supreme, well, Scarlett died on the floor after a similar sudden attack on the witch.

Although another version of Stephen Strange of the past entered the picture at the moment of another’s death, the short time that the earth no longer had a proper magician supreme was enough to break many magical barriers between the earth and other dimensions as those barriers were broken down, Getting on a terrestrial plane became much easier for people, and after revealing themselves in New York City on the eve of Halloween, the two-night dream pays the sleeping X-Men a little night visit

Comfortable two night dreams in bed with Scott and Jean.

Pictures: Xavier Pina, Eric Arsiniga, Clayton Cowles / Marvel

As a powerful monster who draws strength from human fears, and has a special ability to manipulate the dreams of sleeping people, Two Night Dream is happy to have the freedom to roam the city without fear of the doctor and strangely rushes to bring him back to his place. Although the X-Men’s Treehouse is full of people whose minds are ripe for terror, the two-night dream is especially drawn to the beds of Scott Summers and Jean Gray, and it’s not clear how much of what he sees there results in mutants as opposed to just what is happening. I think so.

While browsing through the nightmares of Cyclops, which seems to be quite old to Nightmare in general, he witnesses various scenes where frequent X-Men leaders apologize to those who love and rely on him. Despite a cordial relationship, he now maintains a relationship with Emma Frost and … Somewhat stable With the romantic relationship he has established with Jean, Scott still carries worries and regrets about his previous involvement with both women. At some level, Scott is still embroiled in the fear that he might somehow disappoint Xavier and Magneto, although he has certainly found himself with both men in the late waking world.

Everything about Cyclop’s dream – especially the “Cyclops Wire Wrong” sign hanging around his own neck in the coffin, comes as very on-brand for Scott Scott when you consider what kind of man he was. It’s Jeans’s dream, though, it really attracts the attention of a two-night dream, perhaps because his mental state is naturally stronger and better produced than Scott’s. It stands to reason that even in his sleep, Jan is never as clear as Scott about what he was about because of the years he has spent building his mental defenses against attacks. In Jean’s dream, Two Night’s Dream first sees him coming to a mutant school in his original X-Men costume that matches Xavier’s other elementary students. When Jean walks through the school and confronts Emma, ​​her costume suddenly transforms into the classic Marvel Girl Getup through the magic of dream logic that she has been wearing since her resurrection. House of X.

Dream Gene is being emotionally attacked by Emma in the dream.

Pictures: Xavier Pina, Eric Arsiniga, Clayton Cowles / Marvel

Although there is an exchange between Emma and Jin, he thinks, and this Emma ‘Shots Many The concept of genes a Snub instead of the real thing, he claims that the Marvel Girl dress is not For Jean seems particularly significant with the history of the costume, and what has been happening to Phoenix in recent Marvel comics.

Jean first starts wearing her iconic, but then comes back after wearing illegal clothes / masks / gloves X human # 39, recently after a brief stint at Metro College in New Jersey after returning to New York’s X-Men’s School. Jean’s new outfit was introduced at a time when the original X-Men were all technically graduating from Xavier’s School, and their lives were being transformed into a new, more mature stage as their identities grew stronger. The green dress and jeans continued as her signature until the Marvel Girl codename X human # 100, Gene sacrificed his life to save the rest of the X-Men during an emergency landing. By X human # 101, The beginning of “Phoenix Saga”, The green costume was gone, and Jean’s life as Marvel Girl really ended in a metaphorical sense, because that pressure was going to fundamentally change the course of the character in Marvel’s history.

Picture of the article titled Jean Gray's Telling on Himself Again in X-Men # 4

Pictures: Pepe Laraz, Marte Gracia, and Clayton Cowles / Marvel Comics

At first glance, in the current era of Jean’s X-Men, it sometimes seemed like donning his old Marvel Girl dudes. His attempt to take ownership of an old identity, so that the world re-establishes him as a person before the world knows him as the incarnation of Phoenix. But at the same time, it was somewhat skeptical of Jean’s choice of the identity he first created after freshening up from childhood, not specifically what Jean himself did, but because of Charles Xavier’s tendency and his history to manipulate his students. Rather something has happened-Speaking of Jean, an adult woman who is struggling to redefine herself and her autonomy, has adorned herself in her teens while many other X-Men are living in their youth in comfort. It would be strange enough even if the literal teenager Jean hadn’t recently decided to return to his own past, making it even more suspicious that Phoenix is ​​hanging out with a new host after Marvel’s recent release. Enter Phoenix Events.

Jean Gray warns Echo about the Phoenix Force that he's in now.

Pictures: Xavier Garran, David Kuriel, Corey Petit / Marvel

When the last jinn and phoenix were talking, the jinn told the blazing fire that the two were not healthy for each other, and that it would be best if they became permanently separated. In a bond with Maya Lopez, the vigilante, known as Echo, seems to be moving forward from her breakup with the phoenix gene and returning to her roots by binding with another fist.The warrior is somewhat similar Ancient Iron Fist It once wielded it. As much as everyone is tired of Gene and Phoenix’s theatrics, the fact that the Phoenix Echo has entered life has been an intriguing development, given the history of the Phoenix only empowering those who can naturally sustain its enormous powers.

In the past, most Phoenix Force hosts who were able to use their abilities properly were psychologists যেমন such as Jean, Quentin Quier, and Emma Frost যখন while non-psychologists such as the Phoenix Five could only maintain their power for a relatively short time. In the aftermath of Marvel splitting Gene and Phoenix, the publisher has his own innate, omega-level psionic ability that always makes him and the burning bird better for each other, and even without Phoenix’s help, Gene has his own rights. X human # 4 Emphasizes this idea as Jean, now quite awake, sees Laura Kinney’s mind wandering for two nights, and easily drags her into the open so she can tell he’s chosen the wrong man.

What Jin said in the gala of hell was a two night dream.

Pictures: Xavier Pina, Eric Arsiniga, Clayton Cowles / Marvel

What seems to be said about Jean’s fight with the Two Night Dream, when he bands her up before throwing her away, is that she’s willing to express her gratitude to him in her best “mutant and proud” PR voice. There is a sincere honesty in Jean’s words as he projects the night of the Hellfire Gala in the mind of the nightmare to show him how he opened his head to the guests of the party about his sincere desire to atone for Phoenix’s actions. While the Two Night Dream may be considered one of the less demonic entities encountered by Marvel’s magical users, the way Jean eased the conceptual fear is an impressive display of the same abilities that first attracted Phoenix to it.

After Jean Du Night returns to the treehouse after settling the dream, everything seems to be fine with the world again, but in a real sense it seems that someone else was stimulated by the mental turmoil, and the way Jean encouraged everyone to go to deep sleep is interesting to consider. The Emma we see may not only be a projection of Jean’s mind expressing concern about her fashion choices, but there is also the possibility that the subtext of Jean’s dream should be taken more seriously. Jean may no longer be running around Marvel comics without being an official or technical phoenix, but some parts of him don’t quite feel right about the return of Marvel Girl, and now the question is whether that part of him is going to be able to keep off going inside Jean.

X-Men # 4 in store now.

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