24 Hours in Biloxi, Mississippi | The Little Vegas of the South

24 Hours in Biloxi, Mississippi | The Little Vegas of the South

We made it to Biloxi, Mississippi on the Gulf Coast coming from Houston, Texas. It’s like a mini Vegas and mini New Orleans on the coast offering good food and nice views. We stayed at Cajun RV Park right near the water.



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49 thoughts on “24 Hours in Biloxi, Mississippi | The Little Vegas of the South

  1. As someone from the coast, yeah. Don’t go in the water. Seriously. There have been multiple reports of flesh eating bacteria. Also, while this highlights what seems like the good, a couple months ago someone was shot up in the casinos. Racism is extremely alive and well especially towards immigrants or Muslims. Covid is not something they ever believed in and they still catch it at rapid rates. I definitely not suggest a trip to the south any time soon… or really ever.

  2. I rebuilt that Cajon rv park main pylon sign. It was damaged from hurricane Katrina. Cool video and it was neat seeing my work on your video. By the way your saying biloxi correctly lol. I hope y'all had fun hanging down south in my home town.

  3. My son and hi wife lived in Gulfport/ Biloxi (Biluxi) for a couple of years. Yeah, you can't swim in that murky water. You have to get on over to Alabama and Florida for getting in the water. But, oh my, the food!!!!! And you can do a day trip to New Orleans anytime you want!!!!! Awsome!!! Hope ya'll had a great time.!!!

  4. I’m a Mississippi resident, the only time we go to the beach is to fish. The water is nasty for reasons others have pointed out. If you out into the Gulf you’ll have to wade out far because it’s a gradual drop off in depth, which does increase your odds of getting on a stingray. But there are some amazing places to eat. You should try Taranto’s on the North side of I-10 next time. It’s more of a great place for mostly locals to eat because it’s off the beaten path but they have a very loyal customer base.

  5. Nice video. It looks like a mixture of love/hate comments on the area. I was born and raised on the coast (as in MS Gulf Coast – 26 miles of beach across the the state). Fun fact the barrier islands, which yes are part of the reason for the not so blue water, offer some protection from hurricanes (well unless it's a Katrina 😔). It took me having to move away not to return for 7 years for me to really appreciate the beach. Lot of culture, fun activities and awesome food here. Shaggys is okay but IMO there are better restaurants. Good food almost anywhere. Come back soon!

  6. As a resident of Biloxi for my entire life (15 years) I would like to say Thank You! Very rarely do we see people on the internet sharing Biloxi to the world. And a little tip for the next time you are in Biloxi, do a little research behind the names of the islands, the gulf coast, and the seafood industry. There is a Maritime museum on the tip of the Biloxi Peninsula, as we like to call it, The Point. This museum shows the history of the city of Biloxi and the surrounding areas. The life of Biloxi is a beautiful life, but it is not for all! I hope you enjoyed your stay, come back and enjoy the other wonderful accommodations of Biloxi. Thank You!

  7. Creole Gulf Shrimp is one of the best, but why not try Crawfish boils? Now those you need to experience. You were there at the right time. I love your videos, I'm excited to where you are going next! Stay Safe!

  8. I was drawn in by the Biloxi Houston theme. I've lived only in both cities. But this vlog really isn't about the cities and what they have to offer but more about you guys, which is fine. I'd rather log in to see why I should visit the city rather than see what you guys are up to today. More city, less couple. No hard feelings

  9. So it looks like you guys are passing on Jazzfest. You were so close. Perfect weather this weekend and no place for better food. Crawfish Monica,
    Cochon de Lait poboy just to name a couple. We’ll be thinking about you when we’re jamming to the Who on Saturday. “Don’t get fooled again”

  10. What's your preferred time to go? Feb/March, June/July, or Sept/October? Also how safe is it there? I was thinking about going to Atlantic City NJ but I heard off the boardwalk it's pretty rough.

  11. I love that feeling of heading to a new place too. Beware, it’s quite addicting 😉kinda like coffee. Love Royal Reds! We bought as much as we could fit in our RV freezer down on the gulf coast. As always, masterfully crafted video!!☝️

  12. No one swims in the water bc it's nasty. I live 1.5 hour from Biloxi and I use to live down there for a few years. No one gets in that nasty stuff lol.

  13. If you're in Biloxi for a weekend, you have to take the ferry to Ship Island. It's about an hour boat ride and dolphins often join alongside.. The water is a lot nicer and similar to Alabama coast. There's a really well naturally preserved fort on the island called Fort Massachusetts, it was a garrison during the Civil War and built before it. For those that have wanderlust and access to a private boat you can explore Horn and Petit Bois islands where the water is pretty clear. Nice sand, bluffs, salt marshes. Just a beautiful natural area. It's part of Gulf Islands National Seashore.

  14. First I’m from Mississippi and Biloxi Mississippi is Not Las Vegas of the south it’s tunica, Mississippi check gold streak,horse shoe, lucky casino
    and the casino plies be at when he come down this do have nothing on tunica,Mississippi casinos like frfr

  15. Next time your in area go a little west to Gulfport, Ms. Eat at Tony's brick oven pizzeria. That's one of the biggest hidden gems down there. Real brick oven pizza old school style

  16. That was a really good episode guy I'm surprised You were allowed to film inside the casino, like me I'm sure you didn't ask and yes shaggys looks amazing. Save travels

  17. Fun video but you are overhyping the place.. people are not super friendly the beach water is nasty year round and it is NOT little Vegas… only has a handful of casinos..loud/aggressive drivers and absolutely nothing to do here..

  18. Biloxi is my favorite vacation!
    Go get bahn mi from Ms. Le at Le Bakery! If you get there at opening, 8am, you can snag the ham and cheese croissants!! So good, and we always pick up turnovers and bahn mi sandwiches for later in the day.
    Fayards convenience store has an awesome pressed shrimp po boy at a great price.
    While I LOVE Rouse’s grocery for their wide variety of products, buy your shrimp straight off of the boats on the docks behind the Hard Rock and save your dollars.
    Also go to the Fillin’ Station in downtown Biloxi! The crawfish nachos and pepper piroux sandwich are amazing!!
    Low table limits at Treasure Bay later at night if you want to try your luck, and the Blu bar there has happy hour with half price drinks every night with a players card.

  19. I'm from Biloxi. Pronounced Biluxi. The water is always brown and mostly still due to barrier islands keeping the water from flowing back and forth. If you go on the other side of ship island it's pretty and blue. Great video. So many other cool places you could have gone. Next time!

  20. I live here in Biloxi and most of us don't get in the water because it's filthy. Been very dirty for years… I guarantee you get into that water with a open sore and u will definitely need antibiotics lol.

  21. As a Mississippi Gulf Coast resident, it made me happy seeing y'all's little trip through Biloxi… Brought back memories of Cruisin' the Coast nights with the family!

  22. As a resident, f you, and this video, this ain't the little Vegas of the south,.. and certain places that we try to keep decent and secret, you're advertising certain things that will make it a black spring break year round., And everything nice will be ruined. Just like all the other nice places. Stop. Stop showing the tube places where people moved to because we love this area and how nice people are and decent it is, just for a stranger to come here for video views and likes, and our place gets overturned with trash on the streets the beaches, the water, violence, leave us alone. Please.

  23. In Biloxi that is Gulf Of Mexico. That shrimp you were eating came from those waters. You should of went to visitors center in Biloxi as it's free. As for coffee the shop you passed inside the Beau Rivage you should of had coffee there. As for Shaggys it's ok But I like the half shell oyster house better. You should of went to Big play as it's cool arcade with all kinds of everything. You really missed out and should of Visited Ocean Springs. Next time you guys are in Biloxi DM me and I will take you everywhere you should go and eat and visit. You really need to visit again and see our Aquarium In Gulfport.

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