30 Most Beautiful Cities in the World – Travel Video

Cities are often associated with culture and excitement rather than beauty, yet many of the world’s urban hubs rival the prettiest villages and the most striking natural wonders in the looks department. These are the beautiful cities with breathtaking surroundings, awe-inspiring architecture and landmarks that have stood for centuries. From colorful old towns to sleek modern skylines, here’s a look at the most beautiful cities in the world.


19 thoughts on “30 Most Beautiful Cities in the World – Travel Video

  1. Personally, these would be my TOP FIFTEEN most beautiful cities in the world:
    1. Singapore
    2. Istanbul
    3. Eskişehir
    4. Cairo
    5. Dubrovnik
    6. Amman
    7. Kyoto
    8. London (for its immense greenery)
    9. Cussco
    10. Islamabad
    11. Marrakech
    12. Lisbon
    13. Stockholm
    14. Abu Dhabi
    15. Kigali

  2. From the list excluding London because I am from the UK and worked/lived in and around the city, I have visited Dubai, Singapore, Sydney, San Francisco, New York, Paris, Kyoto, Hong Kong, Chefchaouen, Venice, Jaipur, Jerusalem, Rome and Istanbul.
    The ones on the list that I want to visit are Chiang Mai (even though I have visited Thailand 4 times), Cape Town, Dubrovnik and Rio de Janeiro

  3. On our Island Princess cruise to Panama Canal we went ashore at Carbo San Lucas, San Juan Del Sur , Puntarenas ,Cartagena, Aruba , and Ft Lauderdale then flew home to San Francisco November 27th-December 10th, 2012 !

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