32 Comfortable Black Friday Beauty and Self-Care Deals (2021)

Alleyoop Pen Pal Makeup Pen

Photo: Aliop

Aliop (Discount added to checkout)

This is the same price we saw during Cyber ​​Week last year, and the rest of the site has a 20 percent discount. Wired reviewer Lauren Stramp was impressed by this little makeup tool. It combines eyeliner, lip liner, brown pencil and highlighter into a design that is reminiscent of elementary school multi-colored pens. All options like 4-in-1 makeup brush and blush, bronzer and highlighter stacked compact are intended to make self-care and beauty fun but quick.

Kinship (Discount added to checkout)

Many WIRED workers are devoted followers of this SPF. It makes you look shiny, doesn’t leave a white cast and makes your skin feel very light so you’ll actually want to wear it. I haven’t tried other kinship products yet, but I like it so much that I’ll probably pick some more now so that everything has a 20 percent discount.


We all want what we don’t have. In my case, that cute freckles. Fortunately there are countless wrong freckles products and DIY hacks. Freak is the best I’ve ever tried, and a few other wired workers are also fans. Just make a few dots, tap it with your finger and redistribute the rest of the product over the rest of your face. No one will know that they are fake, unless they really study you. Prices have dropped since more options became available. You can choose XL Bottle or Noir Shade, $ 20 discount ($ 8 discount) on each.

Olives and June (use HAPPY25 at checkout)

I was fascinated by the Olive and June Money Kit that I used during the quarantine and I think it’s worth it for anyone who wants to enhance their home manicure. A few sets are available, but the weekend includes cuticle serum, a nail file, a buffer, clipper, a plush polish remover, a thin nail brush, hand serum, polished and brand universal bottle handle, top coat, quick-drying drops, and star nail stickers. . It will cost significantly more if you get everything individually and I like the actual product.

Clothing business

Check out the rest of our favorites in our loungewear roundup.

Girlfriend Collective Compressive High-rise Leggings and Paloma Bra

Photo: Brett Lemke / Girlfriend

Girlfriend Collective (added discount at checkout)

I didn’t understand the appeal of expensive leggings until I tried these. They are extremely high-waisted, very slim and feel comfortable and tight without you wanting to tear them off. They are also made of plastic bottles and recycled polyester. I paired my pair with the matching Paloma Racerback bra, which is also discounted at $ 29 ($ 13 discount).


I tried Adidas period-proof shorts and liked them. These tights are comfortable to wear when you work out or just lounge around. The company says these are made for backup and you should still use a tampon, pad or cup, but I found enough shorts for a light day. Just throw them in the washing machine later.

Subscription box deal

I like subscription boxes to give as a gift to someone else or myself. You’ll find at least a month or two of flashes at your door, perfectly curated with your interest.

Horti Plant Subscription

Photo: Horty

Horty (enter greenhumb at checkout)

Whether you want to add greens to your own home or gift a tree to someone else, Horti makes it easy with a monthly subscription. Each box comes with a carefully wrapped tree, a box of potting soil (soaking it in water to stretch it) and care instructions. There are pet-friendly and beginner plant options.

You read the correct price. With this deal you will get your first month completely free. If you want to start with two bags, you will pay around $ 13 with the contract. A coffee subscription is similar and great for beginners, and Atlas is one of our favorites. You will find single-origin beans that come from all over the world and are roasted by Atlas in Austin, Texas. You can choose between light to medium or medium to dark roast or both.

Box (enter BF2021 at checkout)

If you like Japanese snacks, Boksu is one of many themed subscriptions, with each box revolving around a different region of Japan. The theme of the first box is the country season. For more options, check out our guide to the best snack subscription box.

Oral Care Deal

Facial care is self-care. Brushing your teeth may not be the funniest thing of the day, but you have to admit that you feel a little overwhelmed with the fresh breath, don’t you?

Philips One by Sonicare Electric Toothbrush

Photo: Phillips

Target, Amazon, Good shopping

This is one of our favorite electric toothbrushes. It’s cheap, light and small, and although it’s not the most powerful brush I’ve ever tried, it provides enough vibration to help you clean. It’s a rechargeable version, but also sells an AAA battery-powered one for $ 15 ($ 10 discount).


Small but powerful hummus is our overall favorite electric toothbrush (9/10, cable recommendation). It beats Phillips in affordable and clean power. It’s small, so you can scrub your entire tongue and back teeth without any problems, there is also an app if you want to track your habits. The new Hum Smart Rhythm is cheaper (and also discounted this week). It is battery powered and has two cleaning modes as opposed to three of the regular ham. It has less cleaning ability, but it will be good for kids or those who want to use an electric brush for the first time.

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