45 NEW Tips for Disney World in 2022

Think you know everything and every tip there is to know about Disney World? We’ve got 45 NEW ones that’ll get you prepared for your next trip.

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26 thoughts on “45 NEW Tips for Disney World in 2022

  1. We only used rider swap once during this trip, and we had to wait in line outside of the queue for 15 minutes before we could even get to the entrance to do it, and the cast member tried to talk us out of it lol it was a very bizarre experience, she asked a bunch of questions, and then asked if my 4 year wanted to just wait in line with us (70 min wait for Big Thunder Mountain in the middle of the day…um, no. That is the point of the entire thing, he was seconds from a melt down, hot and hungry with ZERO interest in riding) …eventually she called another cast member over who did it for us, but it was super bizarre. I’ve usually had no issues with the service before, but this one was a head scratcher. I think there are a lot of new cast members still figuring things out. Patience is key.

  2. Question for you! If you have an early reservation for breakfast and aren’t staying on property can you leave your car at the hotel and take Disney skyline to Epcot for instance? Or is there a time limit on how long your car can be parked in the hotel lot?

  3. The extended evening hours are KEY. We stayed at the Dolphin for our one day at Magic Kingdom 2 weeks ago- the hotel stay itself was a disappointment (huge conference going on and somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 unmasked people taking over the lobby bar and elevators, plus none of the amenities available *side note, who doesn’t heat their pool in the winter?!*) BUT those extended evening hours were amazing. We did Pirates, Big Thunder, Haunted Mansion, Little Mermaid, Pooh, The Carousel, Buzz Lightyear and Space Mountain in the 2 extra hours with no wait at anything, everything was a walk on. The only 2 rides we saw with a line were 7 Dwarfs and Peter Pan, but we hit one of those for early entry rope drop and the other with a Genie+ LL. It’s going to be difficult to ever stay in a non-deluxe again for that reason alone.

  4. If Alexa comes on every time someone says "Hey Disney" or "Disney", I have a feeling that's going to get old really quick. You'll have to constantly try not to say the word Disney, in order to not set off your hotel room's Alexa app.

    Should have made it Genie, or some magical Disney character whose name won't be used as often in general conversation.

  5. My boyfriend and i are going in early May, and I’m super excited!! I haven’t been since 2012, and I’m just really overwhelmed by the changes. I’ve also seen so many comments about Disney being horrible now… we work in the service industry & have had to save A LOT of money for this. I just don’t want to be disappointed…

  6. We are staying at an outside hotel and will takenthebhotel shuttlento the parks. I bought out disney tickets online but is wodering what i need to bring to enter the parks? Is there a ticket I need to show at the entrance?

  7. i’m 18 and just got to go to disney world for the first time right at the start of the year and now all i want is to go back. i’ve been watching videos like this a lot to try to fill that want but it’s just not the same

  8. Just got back from our first ever trip to Disney, and this helped so much!!! Especially single rider and hoping in line at the very last minutes of park closing! Here were our wait times:

    Single rider:
    Test Track: less than 10 minutes (80 minutes regularly)
    Rock n rollercoaster: less than 15 minutes (65 minutes regularly)
    Smuggler’s Run: Walk on. Rode 3 times in a row in less than 30 minutes AND got to ride with my brother two of those times! (50 minute wait regularly)

    Getting in line last minute:

    Seven dwarfs mine train: 20 minutes (a 3 hour wait all day)
    ROTR: 30 minutes!!! (Was definitely over 3 hour wait the rest of the day)

  9. Where can I see the list of items I can't bring to the parks?
    (Agree it is overwhelming… I will buy the tickets for this summer and enjoy… will try to stop thinking on getting it perfect)

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