5 Best Mesh Wi-Fi Routers (2021): For big houses and small budgets

The huge Netgear Orbi range has a strong reputation, but many of the company’s similar models make it difficult for you to choose the right one. AX4200 RBK753 (I swear they are mashing the keyboard at the moment) The fake system I tested fell somewhere in the middle of the range and proved to be suitable for a large house. The setup was surprisingly complex, took more than an hour, and several restarts to complete, as the app stuck to the loading screen. The router and node are large, but I like the curved design. I appreciate turning off the LED lights when things were working and displaying different colors on flag related issues; This is how each router should work. The main router has three gigabit Ethernet ports and two on each node.

Once turned on, coverage, speed, and durability proved to be worth the wait, and each node was able to deliver the same speed as the original router. The speed was a hair on the back of the Asus XT8, with some limitations over long distances for individual units. But with two nodes, this system provides extensive coverage. The simple mobile app lets you pause the Internet completely or by device or profile, see which devices are connected, check speed, analyze Wi-Fi (see connection power as you move), set up a guest network, and a few more Something more. It is very good to identify the devices, which makes it easy to split them into profiles You must access the web interface for advanced features.

A subscription is required for Parental Control and Netgear Armor Protection powered by BitDefender and it costs $ 70 per year. This includes the option to scan your network for potential vulnerabilities and install BitDefender on supported devices to prevent possible hacks. Parental controls are comprehensive and easy to configure. Unfortunately, I’ve noticed that NetGear Armor creates little gaps while browsing the web and triggers an automatic scan and a notification on your phone when the new device joins the network, which quickly becomes obsolete. These services start free for 30 days, but you have to pay later, which can be annoying.

The mobile app is straightforward, but it often takes a few seconds to load. Settings are also limited; There is no mixed mode for WPA2 and WPA3 security like TP-Link above, you can’t split bands and there is no option to prioritize traffic for specific activity or device. If you want parental control and extra security, this is an expensive system that requires a subscription (although you don’t want to Required It). There Is A free level for parental control, but it is severely limited.

Having said that, the Orbi AX4200 provides fast, reliable Wi-Fi over a long distance and I didn’t have a single connection problem or dropout while testing it.

Willow Mesh Router (3-Pack)

The best budget option

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