7 Cheapest Countries in the World to travel – INSANELY AFFORDABLE TRAVEL DESTINATIONS

These are the cheapest budget travel destinations that I have traveled to and can reccomend. It´s Greece,Poland,Bali(Indonesia),Malaysia,Thailand,Philippine,Ukraine.

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39 thoughts on “7 Cheapest Countries in the World to travel – INSANELY AFFORDABLE TRAVEL DESTINATIONS

  1. Come to Serbia, they are even cheaper. almost every meal is $ 1, hotels $ 10-15 – $ 100-150 per month. There are wonderful people, hospitable, if you need help they are happy to help even if someone doesn't know a foreign language. (Almost everyone knows English). There is never enough time to go around everything, there is so much diversity. And it is important that you do not visit only the capital, you must visit other smaller places (Čačak, Kraljeno …). even if you have to come back again to visit the others. Once you leave your heart wants to come back again and again …

  2. Great stuff…thanks…I've also travelled quite a bit…did the far east about 20 year before you were born…owned homes in several countries…the problem with the far east…air costs…Have you been to Panama, Colombia…??
    If not, try Chiriqui, Panama…nice agricultural area of Panama, and very inexpensive

  3. In deciding on a great place to travel or live cheaply, definitely consider the beautiful Philippines.

    My current cost of living here in the rural Philippine countryside is only about $500 a month, but I've lived here for as little as $250 a month, which included everything.

    I moved here from NYC in February 2018. In the USA, I felt very much like a mouse on a treadmill… working hard every day, but never getting ahead and improving my standard of living.

    At 55, I took a cold hard look at my life and not only realized my failure to ever excel financially, but that my future retirement was only going to be Social Security retirement.

    Fearing for the worse if I stayed and retired in the USA, I left NYC and my budget room rental of $520 a month and moved to the Philippines.

    I knew nothing about what my life would be like here in the Philippines. It was a huge risk moving here, but I didn't feel I had an option. I seriously needed an opportunity to improve my livelihood.

    My first year was rough as I suffered from severe culture shock, thinking Filipinos were too different for me to ever blend in with, but I stuck it out and eventually found myself feeling very much at home amongst my new people.

    I watch a lot of YouTube videos about where the cheapest places to live are and some say the Philippines, but none ever report a place cheaper than it has been here for me.

    I've lived here in my own beautiful modern country cottage for as little as $250 a month total… for everything and living comfortably.

    I've moved three times since being here. My cottage rental was almost $100 a month. After that, I rented a basic two room basement apartment for $40 a month. And now I rent a large 3 bedroom modern house for $100 a month.

    My highest monthly cost of living here is what I pay now, about $500 a month, which includes a lot of perks such as full-time domestic helpers. I feel my life is perfect at this monthly cost.

    I am living here in the Philippines cheaper than anywhere else I've ever lived and at a much higher standard of living than I have ever lived.

    You can get more details from my video about living cheaply here at: https://youtu.be/7y_NmCw5dec

    For me, the number one priority in choosing a great place to live is the people. Where I live, here in the rural Philippine countryside, the people are amazing; super friendly, helpful, welcoming, and inclusive.

    I would suggest anyone moving here to rent and remain uncommitted to a neighborhood until you find one with super friendly, trustworthy, and welcoming people. Not every neighborhood is the same and you will be much happier living here if you love the people you live around.

    In my area, everyone seems to be related. So much so, I always assume the people I meet here are. I believe that is why neighborhoods can be so different, because the people in one area share the same blood and ways of life.

    In NYC, I had to work really hard to create and maintain a healthy social life and dating there was near impossible. Here, all I do is walk out my door and the entire community is my social and romantic playground.

    In many ways, the Philippines has been so much better for me than the United States. So much so that it would be silly to ever return to living in the USA.

    I moved here to live cheaply and improve my life and have succeeded at both far beyond my expectations.

    The bottom line is one can move here and live very nicely at a super low cost, but only if that is their aim and they play their cards right. I think a lot of people will say they want to save money, but they're not serious enough to do it. They demand air conditioning, the nicest residence and amenities, and eat at the expensive restaurants. I have never lived like that. Not even in the USA. I have always lived rather frugally. But here, frugal takes on an entirely different meaning, as you can frugally live like a king here.

    Again.. You can get more details from my video about living cheaply here at: https://youtu.be/7y_NmCw5dec

  4. Hallo Dany
    ich habe eine speziell Frage an Dich.
    ich möchte nach Kolumbien reisen .kann aber kein spanisch, und die latinos tun sich schwer mit englisch nur touri bereich . . würdest du abraten oder sich drauf einlassen .
    bitte objektiv sein ist mir wichtig.
    vielen Dank im voraus.

  5. If you never bine to India you don't know cheap I got $ 5.00 hotel on the beach in Puri ,but Kerala , Kollam, Cochin, Alapooza… are even better

  6. You have a HK$10 bill in the thumbnail and I just want to say, that's the wrong currency to have in the thumbnail of a video about the cheapest places in the world

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