A $36,000 dinner party turns ugly – Daily Breeze

There’s a cost to all the bad behavior in which “The Real Housewives of Orange County” indulge each week, with tears, insults and hangovers among them.

And on Wednesday’s episode, when a gossip grenade tossed by housewife Shannon Storms Beador blew up housewife Heather Dubrow‘s fabulous dinner party, we got an actual dollar amount for the damage done, too.

“You know what sucks about it,” Heather told her reality TV star husband Dr. Terry Dubrow the morning after the party. “Not to (tick) you off, but it’s expensive.”

Oh yeah? Terry replied, mostly with his eyebrows. How much?

“All in, I think Nobu was probably 10ish,” Heather answered. “Alcohol, five.”

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