An Around the World Trip Aboard a HondaJet | Full Video

After circumnavigating the globe aboard their #HondaJet, Julian and Kim MacQueen share stories of their unforgettable experiences from the trip.

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35 thoughts on “An Around the World Trip Aboard a HondaJet | Full Video

  1. Thank you , thank you, thank you! Julian and Kim have figured it out. Life is most definitely a journey and I feel so blesseed to have stumbled upon this video, and to have experienced their travels in my own little way!

  2. It is quite obvious that all humans are descendants of Noah that is why we are cousins in this point of view.. Ancient Romans had vast scholarship and knowledge of over 1000 years of their state history and about human nature.
    Their proverb says:
    “History of humankind – always the same just in different ways…” 🙂

  3. Honda is my inspiration…
    I am from very simple family with big dreams.and have bit knowledge of technology . its a small request to Honda .is there any job opportunities for me . I will do my best for Honda becoz I believe the Power of dream.
    Waiting for New hope
    New world
    New hard working opportunity .

  4. Came in wondering if the HondaJet could circumvent the globe… check. I ended up enjoying every bit of the video specially one of the best accounts of experiencing flamenco I've heard so far 6:10. Such an intense description. Thank you!

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