Ancient Aliens: Proof of Ancient Egyptian Time Travel (Season 4)

Sacred tales of the ancient world may provide new clues to the oldest records of time travel ever experienced, in this clip from Season 4, “The Time Travelers.”

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“Ancient Aliens” explores the controversial theory that extraterrestrials have visited Earth for millions of years.

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37 thoughts on “Ancient Aliens: Proof of Ancient Egyptian Time Travel (Season 4)

  1. The thing is some Egyptians really did travel through time and they actually are immortal…we excavated their names and remains.. and now those names will be put in our records. and they won't be forgotten.. they will be remembered for as long as modern humans exist…they didn't achieve their goal….

  2. Just a reminder, the idea of time travel is not unique to modern times. Therefore it should not be surprising that ancient people have written or illustrated about it in their texts and drawings.

  3. Using their logic, it could be argued that Rip Van Winkle was a story of time travel. He fell asleep, was taken by aliens into space for a few hours and was brought back only to find that several years had passed.

  4. Ridiculous. Time travel isn't possible in any time. These quacks they interview are a bunch of clowns. There is no credit to this show at all. They all should have let go after ancient aliens BS.

  5. You messed up with first story because there is much more details which relate to time is different in different places,and also that's not Rama's story ,that story is of Krishna's brother's wife's.

  6. I totally believe in aliens and ancient gods

    They used to have such a type of technology which was way advanced their time

    Krishna knew about lunar eclipse 10s of 1000 years ago

    Ravana flew an airplane 100s of thousands years ago

    There is a hymn in rigveda (A spiritual book) which tells us the value of pi i.e. 3.1415…

    In the hanuman chalisa (A prayer ) there is a line which tells us the exact distance between earth and sun

    Now apart from Hindu mythology ,the Egyptians built the pyramids exactly at the cordinates which is equal to the speed of light

    And also in many painting made by people years ago showed some flying disk

    Now lets go in the modern technology
    China's yutu 2 rover found a cubic shape (house like shape) on the dark side of the moon

    If you think that why aliens are not revealing themselves then I have an answer for that also…. there is an island in india called north sentinel Island where there is no development so the government has said no to go there as our modern technology will make those uncivilized people mad

    Same thing is happening to us we are the people on the island

    Do you agree to this comment… and if you like to add something please tell in the replies below

  7. I mean aren't you even the slightest bit embarrassed to post stuff like this @HISTORY? Like……how is this history when you literally title the video "proof of Egyptian time travel" as if there could be some real piece of evidence to prove this stupid concept. This is why nobody takes history seriously anymore, you muddy the water with this far fetched fictitious garbage.

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