Apple AirPods Review (2021): Bud is not for you

Once you put them in your ear, the new airpods are fine. But it’s annoying how much outside noise comes in when you’re out, which makes everything a lot more obscure. Again, compared to similarly priced models from Jabra, Samsung and other top-tier modern producers, these fall into the dust. The Samsung Galaxy Buds2’s dual-driver array sounds dramatically better and costs $ 25 less.

Good part

Photo: Apple

There are some legally nice things about Apple-made headphones. I’m trying not to be a completely wet blanket.

They have the same obvious separation between the lower and upper edges that I enjoy in the AirPods Pro, although they are much more muddy in the space between my ears. Microphones are great again, easily enough for any zoom or phone meeting.

I like that Apple has added spatial audio. I don’t think it’s a reason to subscribe to Apple Music or it will start in the wider music industry in general, but I think it’s great for movies. I enjoyed watching Netflix on AirPods Max and Dolby Atmos. It’s nice that even Apple’s most basic bud does it now.

I even stock that they are finally IPX4-rated for sweat resistance. I hesitate to take these to workout because of the concerns mentioned above about fit, but at least you know you can throw them in the sink without ruining them.

Waste of time

It took six years for Apple’s design team to realize that it was foolish to remove popular jacks and add a touch bar to laptops. How long will it take them to fix a pair of fundamentally defective and expensive earbuds?

I’m not sure. Airpods remain the best-selling buds in history and a month ago they had almost the same flaw. Like the MacBooks of the past, this is a ridiculous and unnecessary remake that many people will probably buy by dropping, not knowing that they can get a good product from the same company for less money.

If you’re an Apple fan, I’ll spend another $ 25 on new bits. I spent less than a week with them — my review is forthcoming — but Fit Pro is becoming my new favorite pair of Apple-made buds. And they have ear tips!

If you don’t need spatial audio or special Apple integration (you increasingly don’t do that for headphones to work very well), shop around. This is 2021. Without an ear tip, no sound cancellation, and we just reviewed না No one has to pay $ 175 for a pair of plastic buds without a battery life of less than two hours with 40 pairs.

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