Apple World Travel Adapter Kit MD837AM/A review

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Apple World Travel Adapter Kit MD837AM/A (Amazon, US):
Hands on review of the apple world travel adapter kit md837am/a. It costs around $30 and includes 7 adapters compatible with apple chargers that feature interchangeable pluggs such for the ipad and macbook. The countries in which you can use these pluggs include US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Brazil, Europe, Singapore and Indonesia.

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26 thoughts on “Apple World Travel Adapter Kit MD837AM/A review

  1. The Korea plug is slightly thicker the Europe plug points in slightly and the Brazil one is the same as the Europe one but does not point in. It seems the Europe one and Brazil one are interchangeable. But the Korea one does not work in Brazil but does it Europe.

  2. A tip for French, German, South Korean people : France, Germany, South Korea use same plug type called Schuko Type F plug, so in those countries the plugs are perfectly compatible. (Schuko plug is slightly thicker than EU plug, so it’s impossible to put EU plug into Schuko only outlets)

  3. Your comment about the adapters looking the same made me curious. On Apple's website, I found the following descriptions:

    Korea (KOR)
    Description: Round, thick pins

    Brazil (BRA)
    Description: Round, thin pins

    Continental Europe (EUR)
Description: Slightly angled, round, thin pins

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