Argentina: 10 Shocks of Visiting Argentina

Buenos Aires, Bariloche, Patagonia, and just Argentina in general is famous for its beauty, its charm, and its meat! Here we go through culture shocks that tourists have when they visit Argentina. Whether they get a picture with a Messi statue, debate who is better Boca Jrs. or River Plate or try to eat as much meat as possible.
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Filmed in Buenos Aires, Argentina
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43 thoughts on “Argentina: 10 Shocks of Visiting Argentina

  1. The reason they eat so “late” in Argentina is probably due to the official time being UTC+3 despite the fact Buenos Aires is located at longitude 58°22′54″W and most of the territory is even further to the west.
    As for meat consumption, according to FAOSTAT, in Argentina, meat supply per capita (110.23 kg/capita/yr in 2019) is significantly lower than in the US (128.44 kg/capita/yr in 2019). In 2002, meat supply per capita was even lower (79.68 kg/capita/yr), much lower than in numerous European countries at that time (e.g., Spain, 119.6 kg/capita/yr in 2002) and than in the US (124.39 kg/capita/yr in 2002), but since then it’s been steadily increasing until surpass them in recent years (and also because meat supply per capita has decreased in those European countries in the last 20 years).

  2. Argentina was on my list to travel and now that is know they do not catered for people who do not eat meat i will no longer visit Argentina because i will perhaps starve to death. This is truly a shocker for me to hear that it is very hard to find chicken, sea food and vegetables in a country. I do not want to travel as a tourist anywhere and have to spend most of my time daily worring and searching for food.

  3. I did an internship in Argentina a few years ago. REALLY WISH I WOULD HAVE HAD THIS RESOURCE. Short story: I was a very reserved suburban North American; typical dinner at 6, quiet, not a wine drinker…etc

    I left a massive wine fan, learned a lot about myself, and now I plan on retiring in Mendoza.

    A wise man told me there you learn a lot about yourself when you go into the learning zone which is just past the comfort zone, so smile, drink some mate, and share a good Malbec with friends. Oh and “paciencia mañana”

  4. Argentina is OUT of the tropical zone (like USA, diverse climate), this is basic geography please check a map, the south is near Antarctica, we have the four seasons (other latin countries dont)

  5. Spent a few days in Buenos Aires just before.Covid. I loved my time there, the Meat was amazing and they do not skimp on it, Gorgeous women, I was supposed to go back soon but Pandemic Happen. One Shock i had was not able to take enough money from the ATM.

  6. Hi love you, your family and your awesome videos. Have you ever considered adding a “green” criteria to the places you inform about? I’d be interested in that. To be honest I’ve always wanted to travel to Argentina. But when you talked about the telos it made me a little sad. A lot of South America has been used by America and other countries, and they’ve given very little back. Maybe people there cannot afford housing for everyone or maybe prostitution is a way for poor people to get income. I’ve been to hourly hotels in Mexico and I’ve wondered the same thing. I think environmental considerations and green revolution considerations need to be part of your videos now. You are really smart and wonderful people. Make it happen. Thank you

  7. Thank you. I had planned on going to Argentina in 2015 during their winter, but plans changed due to work. I still haven't been there. However I was fortunate enough to experience Medellin, Colombia in 2018. That was great. Can't wait to watch your other videos on S. America. Take care. Cheers.

  8. Wow ok. So some of that is very surprising. The weather who would of thought. The food yummy! You guys always have the best advice. One thing is for sure. Your kids have to be the most well rounded children in the world.

  9. This video has made me so nostalgic for my beloved Argentina. I lived there for a little while and I’m married to an Entreriano! We’ve always dreamt of taking our whole family and just as we were planning to go, Covid hit 😩! We can’t wait until it opens up again because we are SO there. Also, I have to say how amazing Iguazú falls is….the most beautiful place I’ve ever been!

  10. I visited Argentina in 2019 for the solar eclips and it was truly amazing! One of my best travels so far. Your shocks are spot on!
    I didn't think the driving was too crazy though. But maybe that's because we made the mistake of driving into Ciudad Del Este, Paraguay on the third day of our trip 😁

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