ASMR | You WON a Disney World Trip! Travel Planner / Picking a Resort

Ahhh this is hopefully going to be a 3 part series!! I asked you guys where you’d like to stay and one won, so that’ll be the next stop! :’) This video is nottttt sponsored in any way LOL; but I DID get to work with a really awesome, talented writer named Lauren who is super Disney knowledgable!! I couldn’t have done it without her! I was really interested in doing a Disney series because I feel like Disney is the epitome of not only immersion but escapism; and ASMR is good at that as well. So, a natural combination!?
That being said, if you’d like to reach out to Lauren to work with her, she’s available at LMscreenwriting at gmail dot com !! (Spelled out to prevent spam!)

After you make all your travel plans with Disney Gibi (congratulations on winning!!) You’ll be ready to fly out to your resort, and then have a VIP tour of one of the parks (which I will poll you all on next video!)

What did you think of this? 😀 I’m so curious!!!
Have a ~magical~ night heheh.

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36 thoughts on “ASMR | You WON a Disney World Trip! Travel Planner / Picking a Resort

  1. Gibi:did you happen to enter our magical sweepstakes
    Me: no
    Gibi: well I'm glad to tell you a winner has been chosen
    Me: I don't give a damn
    Gibi: sfen hahlsyfn from Denmark has won yayyyy👍👍👍👍👍
    Me: I don't freaking care

  2. Hands down the beach and yacht club is the best resort. The pool is amazing since it has sand floors.. and a small lazy River. Not to mention the beautiful lobby and the cape may café that has amazing seafood. It’s just a great place to go, and it is located next to a small lake that has a boardwalk, so all you have to do is walk around the side of the lake OR take one of the long boats to get to the boardwalk on the other side. (:

  3. if i were to choose which hotel i would want to stay at i would want bay lake bc my family has dvc or disney vacation club which can get you hotels that people who dont have it cant stay at.

  4. “You get to skip the lines” How many times can I ride the haunted mansion in one day? Guess we’ll find out. Finally watching this series to relax my nerves while I wait back to hear from the Disney College Program

  5. Gibi's level of detail is over 9,000!!!

    Not only doing the research to describe all the options available with this Disney trip. But also the random drops of wifi and screen glitching.

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