Backpack around the world travel no money

Alan Barrett plans to backpack around the world with no money.
Producing world travel vlogs as he progresses. This video is to help gain support, and explain how he plans backpack around the world with no money.


Snapchat: AlanRBarrett


12 thoughts on “Backpack around the world travel no money

  1. You are doing what was always my dream, but which I cannot do because of other developments in my life. I wish you the best of luck, and I thank you for helping me feel less crazy about my dreams!

  2. SOOO Proud of You Bro! You remind me of myself. I'm 33 now, been traveling for almost 11 years. Lots of hitchhiking and stealth camping. It is absolutely rewarding and the very best in regards to self development'. More power to You'. YOU THE MAN'. Would love to interview You'
    I'm ready to get back to it now myself'

  3. Most of us live like ghosts than people, we do the fucking routine, but live the way you want like that, now that’s actually living

  4. I have to say that it's refreshing to see people like you, or rather, like us. I'm always looking for people that are into true barebones travel, not flying from place to place and calling it backpacking. I've accepted that I will be considered a bum like another commenter said, but you just have to look at it from the perspective of ultimate humility.
    I'm leaving for the Appalachian Trail this June sobo, and those 2100+ miles will be the first steps of the rest of my life. In 5 years-time I hope to be trekking through a Nepalese village and asleep under an olive tree in Greece the next year.

    For some truly great advice on this style of living, check out:

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