Belfast: The Don'ts of Visiting Belfast, Northern Ireland

Wanting to visit a cool capital with shopping, sights, and history to boot? Well Belfast, Northern Ireland has a lot for tourists to see and do and not do. We go over the Titanic Museum, visiting the Crumlin Road Gaol, the Belfast Castle, and some more things you should know before you visit Belfast for your weekend destination. Weekend break Belfast
Filmed in Belfast, Northern Ireland
Copyright Mark Wolters 2021

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31 thoughts on “Belfast: The Don'ts of Visiting Belfast, Northern Ireland

  1. Next time your in the U.K you need to plan a trip to the Black Country. There is so much do see and do here. Has its own regional delicacies, closet dialect to Middle English. but no one's knows about it.

  2. I live here and to be totally honest I thought the don'ts on this video were quite good. He seemed to cover pretty much everything except maybe one or two points. Be respectful enough not to bring up the troubles to either religion as you'll be given two versions.
    Just enjoy your time in a mixed cultural city. See the sights and more importantly have a great time.

  3. If you're being politically correct go ahead and use the manufactured British term of "Northern Ireland" , but just remember it's merely the north of IRELAND.

    It's a made up British term.

    However, yes, the north of Ireland is beautiful much like the south of Ireland which in actual fact is just IRELAND 🇮🇪

  4. Love your video man am from belfast and I agree with everything your saying on it we have alot of brilliant history and things to do so thank you from Belfast for this video we even have from September to February/March time we have the Belfast giants ice hockey team

  5. I've lived all my 71 years in Belfast and I must say that at times this video made me wince. There was a lot more to the 'troubles' than the IRA. I had neighbours murdered by the British army and loyalist paramilitaries. The latter are still very active as major drug dealers. Nevertheless, it is my city and I love it. Even when I visited New York and Boston in my younger days it was always good to get home.

  6. Don't agree with your 'less Irish' vibe about Belfast. 50% identify as Irish and there is A LOT of Irish culture in Belfast, pubs, music, food, language, and there was long before any British influence. Dublin isn't even 100% authentically Irish anymore. They also use the same 'British' plugs all over the Island. This is more of a video highlighting Britishiness in Belfast without any discussion on it's significant native Irish culture.

  7. Judging by your photos you only went on Protestant black taxi tours, try the Irish ones, also you need to understand there’s 50% of people who consider it the north or Ireland not Northern Ireland, annoys either side when you don’t understand it’s technically both

  8. One very happy thing for the driver in Northern Ireland is to discover is that 'road rage' doesn't exist. Drivers in Belfast and across the north are unfailingly polite and accommodating all the time. Seriously, ALL the time. It's wonderful! The Northern Irish are extremely patient drivers. Stuck in the wrong lane? No worries because someone will always let you into the right lane. Trying to cross a busy intersection? No problem because someone will always give you right of way. Can't find change for parking? Doesn't matter as someone will just give you their own parking ticket. Car trouble on country roads? Someone will always stop and help for the sake of being helpful. The Northern Irish have the most polite drivers on the planet.

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