Belgium: 10 Shocks of Visiting Belgium

Hey there fellow travelers, heading to Beglium and not sure what to expect? Well here we cover some of the culture shocks that tourists have when they visit Belgium. Whether it is the incredible amount of chocolate and mussels on offer or the mayo with the fries, or the level of service you get at restaurants in Belgium. There are a lot of things for tourists to know before they visit Belgium. Here are the biggest surprises tourists have when they visit Belgium.
Filmed in Brugges, Belgium
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24 thoughts on “Belgium: 10 Shocks of Visiting Belgium

  1. the big tragedy of manneken pis is.. that the sculptor who made it also made one of the big baroque sculptures (st andreas) in the St peter basilica in Rome! yet he will be forever known for making the little boy peeing XD

  2. Nobody in Belgium ever orders "frietsaus". Frietsaus is for tourists. Especially for Dutch tourists. We eat fries with "stoofvleessaus" and real mayonaise. Kids eat it with ketchup. Don't forget to go to a real "frietkot". Order some of the meat with you fries, stoofvleessaus and mayonaise.

  3. Brussels is a big city spread out with big high rise buildings and appartments that don't look appealing like the charming sceneries you see in cities for instance like Bruges, Ghent and Leuven. I understand the view that Brussels looks intimidating and the people generally look different than in the rest of the country. But please take some time to explore the city and realize that Brussels actually is a interesting and versatile city which has a lot to offer to everyone. Of course there are problems and situations in Brussels that aren't really nice but the city certainly doesn't deserves to be frowned upon.

  4. The people in Bruges will never eat in the touristic restaurants on the market etc bc they take advantage of the tourists who don't care about a euro more or less

  5. Very nice video. I like it as a Belgian. Personally I like Bruges but also do not like it because it is to touristic and not that many people live there. Other cities are more nicer.

    One mistake. Frietsaus is dutch. And not every place where you can buy frieten you will find frietsaus

  6. When visiting Brussels you should definitely go and watch "Jeanneke pis". She is in a small street, in the Rue du Boucher. She is beautiful! And… when you leave the squares and spots where lots of tourists are, you can find really nice restaurants, great meals and half the price (but doubled quality). Some advice for the beer : when you start "blond", continue "blond"… or you'll regret it the day after.

  7. I am from germanspeaking part of Beglium, as you said there are lot of cute small cities to visit. I love the belgian seaside here the most 🙂

  8. Honestly tourist spots are the worst. I went to Brussels once and ate on " de grote markt" and a like 1 liter bottle costed us like 5 euros. We left the restaurant thirsty and went to a small store which sold bottles of water for a more reasonable price.

  9. "Flemish" is not an official language. In fact it's not a language at all. The official language is Nederlands or Dutch.
    Flemish is just a collection of various dialects of Dutch.
    There is no "Flemish" dictionary. You can't learn it at school.
    It's Dutch.
    Calling Flemish a language is like calling Geordie or New York a language. They are dialects of English.
    Flemish is not a language.

  10. In the US i as a Belgian never feel really comfortable with a waiter who is comming to ask "is everything fine?" every 22 minutes. The belgian culture is more relaxed. About the prices, if you pay €25 for mussels and friet it is the total price. we do not add taxes or service. that is about the same as a menuprice in the USA of about $18. The prices vary each year depending on the harvest of the mussels. BTW mussels are actually more dutch then belgian. If you want to have real nice and fresh mussels, go to Yerseke in the netherlands wich is about 1hr drive from bruge. There you can by them as fresh as possible. Most important: never ask for frietsaus!!! they only have it in the really touristy places because it is actually a dutch thing. We eat friet with mayonaise. Do you know that french fries are actually belgian? They named it french fries because during the first world war american soldiers saw people eating fries who spoke french. In that time the most important language in belgium was french. In the army most of the officers where french speaking. that is why the called it french fries. About the beer you are correct. A lot of belgian beers have high alcohol percentages. That is why we normaly serve them in 33cl measurements. once more, we belgians are more relaxed and like to enjoy our beers. next time when you are in belgium, hit me up and i will show you Antwerp.

  11. Cycled into Brugge off the ferry to Zeebrugge and ordered coffee and waffles. Why is it taking so long? Of course, they are making them fresh, not just heating them up! Must spend more time exploring Flanders on a bike.

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