Best International Power Adapter? – Ceptics World Travel Adapter Kit with USB Review

Friendly Review of the Ceptics World Travel Adapter Kit with 2 USB Ports WPS-2B+ ( Ceptics provided me with this international power adapter kit as well as a little budget to properly test it out.

The kit is grounded, and surge protected. These are welcome features that are often not found in other international power adapters. It also provides an LED to let you know if the voltage is 110V or 220V. This is very handy as this is an adapter and not a converter. The voltage from the power source is being sent to the new plug type. Make sure to read the information on your device to make sure it can work with the voltage level that is being provided.

The Ceptics World Travel Adapter Kit can power 5 devices at once with 2 outlets, 2 USB ports, and 1 micro USB port. This truely can be the one power adapter that you take with you.

It comes with 6 different adapters which are AE (Type C) UK (Type G) , US (Type B), AU (Type I), EU (Type E/F), JP (Type A) Plugs compatible with outlets in North America, United Kingdom, most of Europe, Australia, Japan, parts of Africa, Middle East, Asia, China, and more. If you need more there is also an additional set you can purchase.

I have been carrying this around with me and highly recommend it.

Ceptics World Travel Adapter Kit with USB:
Ceptics World Travel 7 Adapter Set:
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Ceptics World Travel Adapter Kit – 2 USB + 2 US Outlets, Surge Protection, Plug for Europe, UK, China, Australia, Japan – Perfect for Laptop, Cell Phones (Does Not Convert Voltage) (WPS-2B+)
Ceptics World Travel 7 Adapter Separate Attachment Set for WPS-2B+, Type M, Type H, Type L, Type J, Type N, Type D, Type K (WPS-2B+ Sold Separately) International Power Adapter, 5 devices, 5-in-1, 110V 220V, 240V, 50Hz, 60Hz, Brazil, China, Africa, South Africa, South America, Italy, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Brasil, North America, Japan, Fiji, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, Denmark, Switzerland


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  1. Warning, mine is slightly different and made in China and it melted so I took it apart it to find probably the best design to start a fire, totally insane ! Something has to be done , Thanks so much for making this video , your so correct. Every one, to save as many lives we must get this information of this outrage to every news station every where ! Demand certification like UL and CE

  2. While knowing the voltage is important it's also helpful to know what current in amps and power in KW this unit will support. ie…. Can it support a hair dryer?

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