Best Motorcycle for Round-the-World Travel?

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What bike would you take around the world? Let me know in the comments section.

Since ADV bikes have gotten heavy and complex, what bike makes sense for a remote journey? Here is my choice.

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26 thoughts on “Best Motorcycle for Round-the-World Travel?

  1. I’m tall 6’4, 220lbs. I feel like the DR is probably the best dual sport for me but there is a part of me that gets tempted by the xr650. EVERYONE I talk to says go for the DR.

  2. Great video…I've done my adventures on a number of GSAs over the years. Now, I am 70 and am thinking a lighter bike maybe in the future, though there will always be a place for the GSA. Based on my experiences, I'd probably take either my GSA or a 2022 KLR…

  3. i personally think something around a 700cc is the perfect size bike and you want something that has good parts availability but the drz 400 is an extremely reliable bike along with the KLR 650 of course but yes it is a little heavy

  4. I'll assume I'm completely newbie on this topic. It's going to be my first motorcycle and I want to go from Cairo to Beijing. I checked the DR650 and most advs in websites have motocycles from the 90s. I'd never buy a car that is almost 30 yo don't matter how few kms it has – is it a thing with motorcycle tho? Please, help someone who's completely lost on this LOL

  5. how about a ktm 390 adv with spoke wheels and better offroad tyres(though am still worried about the 200mm ground clearance,weight is a big factor, the bigger bikes are too heavy, and the dual sport too light for the wind and hence tiresome, though i am still waiting for the rumoured 490adv hope it will be good balance of power and weight. woud love to know your thoughts mate

  6. I agree with the very sensible principles for choice here. However, I always think of RTW as longitudinal ie east to west, west to east. For example. the US, Europe and Russia. For the US and Europe, it makes sense to have a good road bike. For Russia, there'll likely be some dirt or poorly maintained road, so some off-road/adventure capability would be useful. Either way, a bike that sits comfortably on 80mph is preferable in my opinion. Any tips?

  7. Hmm, he says that big bikes are not good choices to travel worldwide, like through Mexico, Central and South America, Africa and so on. Funny thing is, there are videos after videos after videos of people doing just that. I don't know, my be he hasn't owned on. If he has, may be he needs to work on his skills. Or may be big bikes are not his thing. There are plenty of people and women who are riding big GS1250's and over the world and loving it.

    I am NOT criticizing him, just saying that what he says and what is seeing around the world are two very different things. Yes you do see smaller bikes out in Argentina and other American countries, but trust me, when it comes to true adventure riding done by international travelers, there are plenty who ride big bikes. Specially BMW bikes.

    I do have to say that I agree with everything he said about what makes a good world traveler. Simple, basic electronics, reliable, and so on. But to me the bike of choice is the Ténéré 700. The one I will be crossing all of America with. From the US to the most southern tip of America in Argentina and then all the way north to Deadhorse, Alaska. A bike that is extremely reliable, very basic electronics, amazing handling and capabilities. I actually think that the bike being liquid cool is a plus. My only complaint is the small tank. Specially compared to the new KLR 650 Adventure or the African Twin.

    The scratched the DR and the KLR off my list because of their single cylinder and how much oil thumpers burn. I watched a video of some guy who traveled from Connecticut to Panama and back on a brand new KLR650. By the time he got back in the US he was burning a quart of oil per day. Crazy! I'm not suggesting that all thumpers burn that much oil, I just don't like that.

    And by the way, do yourself a favor, never take a DR650 to Colombia. There is a high probability that your bike will get stolen or someone will pull a gun out and take it from you. I watched a video made by a Colombian national who said that his dream bike is a DR650, but he settled for the KLR650 because people have been shot in the back trying to get away from people trying to take their DR's. I guess DR's are in high demand in Colombia.

  8. You had me convinced, until your worrying, looking off in to the distance pause at 4:03. Now I'm wondering exeactly what you were thinking. HA HA LOL!!!! Seriously, I do agree with your main points however. Cheers

  9. My very first bike was a DR650. Still have it too. I also have a Vstrom 1000 which is way better on the highway, but DR is way better on dirt. My riding instructor told me that his preferred choice for a round the world trip would be a DR650 or a postie bike (Honda NBC110, which is used by Australia Post to deliver mail)

  10. Loved the video. But please don't call countries in Latin America "third world countries", that term is outdated and a little offensive since it's sometimes used derogatively towards latinos like myself. I know it wasn't your intention, I just felt the need to mention it.

  11. Solid advice, I always end up at the same conclusion as well even though I own a Tengai, f650gs and TT. The dr to me is in between the xr and klr and it just ticks off more on the plus side. Dream bikes
    are cagiva elephant or africa twin xrv750. Watched Pari Dakar back in the day and fell in love with them then. Thanks and thumbs way up

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