Best Oculus Go Travel Apps: Experience the World Virtually [2018]

In this video, I share my favorite Oculus Go travel apps to explore the world. Showing places to friends and family in virtual reality is one of my favorite things to do. These apps are the best the Oculus Go has to offer.

Wander is the first on the list and is the closest to Google Maps on the Go. It’s available for $4.99 and gives you a lot of freedom to explore anywhere, go back in time, and explore with friends.

Gala 360 is one of my favorite Oculus Go apps because of the different curated slideshows. The slideshows combine images, narration, and music. Free to try but requires a $3.99 purchase to unlock everything.

360 Stories is the final app I recommend. You can explore specific locations from around the world and learn about the most popular places there. Users can upload their own content and you can even book real life tours if you decide to visit.

Are there any other travel apps that you like to use to explore places?

Wander with Friends:
360 Stories:

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38 thoughts on “Best Oculus Go Travel Apps: Experience the World Virtually [2018]

  1. Your video is unwatchable because it is too nervous in its movements … it would have been better to see only half of the contents without rolling and pitching like on a ship in a storm.

  2. I like Wander and was able to re-visit my childhood neighborhood, but it would have been nice to go back just a little bit further, like to the 1970's or even the 60's, was Google even around back then? ^_^

  3. Your swinging and rocking the viewing about back and forth quickly makes me nauseous to watch. I've had to scroll away else I'll throw-up. It's like being on a roller-coaster. SLOW DOWN!

  4. I have a problem with HD 🙁 it can be solved somehow it is solved thanks I see a little like when foggy but I have good eyes I don't know what it is 🙁

    I just do not see in HD in glasses advise me thank you

  5. I need help with the image in oculus go it's not like in HD jet some way to have it in HD in Oculus go thank you very much when I bought oculus go so it's not like in HD when I look at a game so it's not in HD or on Video need help in making it HD in Oculus go thank you

  6. That's exactly what I do on my channel. I film things in 360 always using a tripod for people on VR and feel as if they are traveling. I still want to see an app like veertv that lets people upload their videos, but unfortunately veertv does not allow this anymore. Do you know where I can upload my 360 and 180 videos for the public to see?

  7. This is good information, but your video recording needs refining. Pan slowly, in one direction only. No jerking around from side to side and up and down. After all, your intention if for your viewers to stay to the end of your presentation, not to make them seasick and get out in the middle.

  8. Hi, this is new to me. In your video, the places look pixelated when you are turning. Does this take a long time to come into focus? Is the periphery always pixelated? Does the experience look real or just kind of/cartoonish? Thanks.

  9. Do any of these apps show 3D images/photos? Or all they all 2D.
    Also, which apps allow you to drag and turn the world around (to see behind you) without needing to turn all the way around. Im confined in a wheelchair and turning the full 360 is not possible. Thanks for the video and any help 😊

  10. I tried the gala360 and it is really awesome! however i wish you could also rotate 360 with the controller as sometimes when i sit down comfortably i get lazy to turn my head in all directions

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