Blue Lagoon Epic View | Oludeniz Fethiye Turkey | Full Time World Travel Vlog 2

Blue Lagoon Epic View | Oludeniz Fethiye Turkey | Full Time World Travel Vlog 2

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In this Turkish travel vlog we continue our digital nomad journey and road trip to Ölüdeniz Fethiye. We do a section of the Lycian way to get possible the best view in Turkey overlooking the Blue Lagoon. This epic view allows you to see the pristine clear blue water and the paragliders making their way to the iconic Turkish beach. The best surprise was coming across the Turkish wildlife when we found a bunch of tortoises wandering the Lycian trail. After we went for lunch to try some more Turkish food.
Then we visit the Oludeniz Blue Lagoon nature reserve and swam in the turquoise water. Finally to end this Turkey vlog we try and fail to find a spot to watch sunset, we went to Butterfly Valley but couldn’t find the best vantage point in time. We did find some more Turkish animals here when we stumbled across a herd of mountain goats.

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37 thoughts on “Blue Lagoon Epic View | Oludeniz Fethiye Turkey | Full Time World Travel Vlog 2

  1. You Guyyyysssss! i Am Sooo adoring your vibes and the excitement of seeing a tortoise!!! hahaha – i'm a turkish immigrant born and raised in Belgium, and am learning about Turkey through you two !!! 😉 Awesome –

  2. Best friends, Dear friends, If you walk small paths, then you regularly come across a turtle in Turkey, I have also encountered one regularly. Take care your's and keep it safe. Greetings from Brussels

  3. I loved your videos guys! And just to let you know, I am Turkish and it is quite normal to see turtles in Turkey. I looked after one turtle in our garden for 3 months hahaha 😀 so it is normal to see turtles on the road especially if you are in Agean part of in Turkey

  4. from my experiences in turkiye things like tortoises arent really cared for, cars wont move for them in the road which really shows the cultural differences and developments in countries like ours

  5. Did you go further to the Faralya Village? Its like 5-8 km distance to a Heavenly view on the top of Butterfly Valley. We had camp there for a week and those days were the best moments of my life. If you havent gone there , please reconsider going back there again. Thanks for the video. By the way its a common thing for us to see a turtle 🙂 and yeah i dont know what to feel when i see your excitement 🙂

  6. My family and I went to Turkey many years ago and stayed at Hisaronu village. Whilst there we took the local bus and spent an afternoon at the beach in Olu Deniz. Speaking of animals, walking back to the resort after dinner and drunks at the town centre we saw a about 10 rabbits on the road staring at the full moon. It was weird!

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