Boarding Pass – Intro Video | Welcome to Our New World Travel Channel

Welcome aboard Boarding Pass!

A world of travel destinations – both hidden gems and popular locales – await you every day. To quench your thirst for travel, adventure, tours, trips, journeys, treks, and relaxation across the globe, we’re thrilled to bring you along our personal guide to exotic, cosmopolitan, off-the-beaten-path points, and everywhere in between.

Boarding Pass features the most fascinating sights from around the world divided into several numbered lists, tips, and more. Themes can vary from landscapes, ancient monuments, islands, wildlife, countries and all else to pique your wanderlust. We create these lists for entertainment purposes, but also to give you an idea of ​​what you can see in all countries, cities, towns, villages on all continents. We hope they will be useful as a starting point on your next great journey.

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