California: The Don'ts of Visiting California

Tourist information on what to do and what not to do in California. Are you thinking of visiting California and are not sure what to expect? Well here are some fun tourist information to help you enjoy your trip to California, whether you are visiting Los Angeles, San Francisco (not Frisco please), San Diego or any of the other incredible locations in California.
Filmed on Venice Beach in Los Angeles, California
Copyright Mark Wolters 2021

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45 thoughts on “California: The Don'ts of Visiting California

  1. Born and bred in California all my life ( in the Sacramento valley), we call it Frisco all the time, lots of us do ( Im not from Frisco… In-n-Out fries suck, but burgers are good, not the best, it's really a Socal thing ( yes there is a Socal and NorCal). I agree everything you say about wine tours. I have Redwoods in my yard so when relatives come out from the east they are amazed as they dont see them elsewhere. Everyone thinks we are all surfers and the coldest summer ever was in Frisco ( yes Frisco and true, the natives in SF dont say Frisco) Thanks for your awesome videoa

  2. If i hadn't already visited the state multiple times I'd desire to. Other than the Red Wood Forest I'll never return to Commifornia. Failed democrat policies have destroyed the state. I don't care for all the homeless, crime, run down areas, high prices, over crowded, taxes, etc

  3. Carmel beach is one of the best CA beaches Marc, also Santa Cruz beach… and hordes of people swim there, in the summer… (May, July, Aug, Sep) not June… 'June Gloom' is a thing most years, and it can be fridge and foggy within that coastal five mile range.

  4. Hey Mark, thanks for these videos especially the Sweden videos, I watched them over and over before heading there month ago, and they were very helpful, however I must say I didn't encounter the thing you mentioned about standing in line where Swedes will bump into you and take your spot in line, nevertheless I'm grateful for those video's, hopefully next year in the summer I'll try to head there again. OH and I don't like to use the word "Cali" it's definitely California

  5. Eh. If they like In-N-Out they can keep it. They expanded to where I live around twenty years ago and I've found it to be nothing more than grease soaking into buns and undercooked french fries.

  6. Nice video . Born and raised in the LA area. Which is much more laid back than the bay area. I lived in the bay area and just quit telling people I was from LA. The stark differences in the state are incredible. Just too many people. I really miss the beaches and the ocean. And every winter in utah I want to move back but just for 3 months. The central coast around Santa Barbara is great. The part about the cold ocean is so true. I love the cool water of Calif the Atlantic is so warm like a bath tub it's not refreshing at all. Where else can you surf in the day and then go to the mountains and ski at night? On the same weekend? That's why there are 40 million people there. Crazy. The whole world wants to come to the USA and they want to come to California

  7. I had the privilege of visiting nor-cal and the central coast a couple years ago. Despite constantly being nagged as a such an undesirable place to “live”, it was breathtaking to visit. The best way I personally would describe driving Big Sur is that it’s nauseating. It was so beautiful I literally felt sick. Also don’t forget how amazing that ocean air smells when your out of the cities. Also, will you be doing similar videos like this about traveling the Pacific Northwest?

  8. My one time in California I learned real quick that earthquakes weren’t something to stress over. Made the mistake of asking our tour guide (on our first full day there, mind you), “So….when’s the last time San Francisco had an earthquake?” His response: “Oh, we have 5 or 6 a day.” He then proceeded to show me the daily seismic activity report in the newspaper (yes, this was awhile ago). Turns out they happen VERY frequently, most of them are just too small to be felt.

  9. Maybe this is just a Bay Area thing, but don’t expect to be able to drive if it’s raining. Even when there’s just a slight mist (that shouldn’t affect traction at all) police intentionally slow highway traffic to (no joke) less than 10 miles per hour. It’s very bizarre and very frustrating.

  10. I prefer the northen part of the state with smaller towns like Eureka and Crescent City, and the redwood forests. And did you know that when Norton I was the Emperor of USA and Protector of Mexico, he actually made it illegal to say Frisco ?

  11. Born and raised in the Bay Area and EVERYONE I know calls it Frisco. The Frisco yuppies don’t like the term because it is used a lot by gangsters, bikers, and the financially challenged.

  12. Lived in California my whole life- another great place for fantastic wines in Paso Robles! We are on the central coast, about half way between SF and LA. We have beaches and hiking nearby as well. Hearst Castle is close by too. But summer time here at Pismo Beach is so crowded! Oceano dunes here too, you can still drive in the beach and ride ATVs.

  13. Our family visited San Francisco last July. Our first stop was to a souvenir shop which sold sweatshirts. I think it barely got into the during 60s the four days we were there

  14. As a SoCal native, In-N-Out is good for the price. As far as best burger ever, I disagree. Plenty of better options here especially the mom & pop joints.

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