Can I Skip Every Line In Disney World's Animal Kingdom in ONE DAY?

Is Genie+ worth the $$$ in Disney’s Animal Kingdom? Sure there aren’t as many rides as Magic Kingdom, but when you’re looking at an 80+ minute wait and Kilimanjaro Safaris should you pay? Will you get your money’s worth? Molly is headed to Animal Kingdom to see how many Lightning Lanes she can get in one day! Prepare for lots of tips and tricks!

It’s gonna be wild.


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43 thoughts on “Can I Skip Every Line In Disney World's Animal Kingdom in ONE DAY?

  1. I'm still waiting for more free Genie videos. IK a lot about Genie+ but would like to know more hacks with the free Genie. I think that's just as valuable information as anything else.

  2. Poor Molly's face on Kali!! I laughed out loud especially with the editing and music but seriously,, if you don't want to ride ris, you can just get the LL and end there! Thank you for all the great content! And your editor is also awesome

  3. MOLLY I need some help for my upcoming trip. 1)Transportation when you did all 4 parks in one day. please make a video on how you did that. 2)Rise of resistance what is the protocol now. Do you need to be on the TIP board at 7am. where will show up. All i see right now when i open the app is my reservations. Will that go away when i get there?

  4. I went to AK in September 2021 and totally would have skipped that bird show, but we met up with friends and they took us around because they are pros. Let me tell you, that bird show is AMAZING. It's a must do for me now going forward!

  5. Can you do a video on Genie+ with someone in a scooter in all 4 parks? I am wondering if it would be any different since some rides a scooter can't go through the regular lines.

  6. Ok video ideas- 1. Do all the rides and attractions in the park in alphabetical order!
    2. A 10 year challenge! Act like it’s 2012 in the park, only do the rides and shows that were here in 2012 and use a 2012 style strategy!

  7. Molly. Thank you so much for all your videos. We will be at animal kingdom Sunday April 24!!! I have a 6 year old and 4 year old and I am so excited to take them to Disney. Your videos have been so HELPFUL and important to our trip. THANK YOU.

  8. Is it best to use Disney wifi or switch to your own data when booking Avatar at 7:00, or any "Fancy Ride". I know in very early videos (when Ride of the Resistance first opened), Molly recommended using data to get a boarding group.

  9. The first year we took our girls to Disney one of the first things we did was watch It’s Tough to be a Bug. They were traumatized and now years later they still refuse to watch that show.

  10. In my opinion if you can make it for rope drop and knock FoP out right away then you definitely won't need Genie for DAK. Even if you plan on park hopping you can easily hit every ride/show in those 7 hours

  11. Molly I think the Kali gods are still a little salty…is it mean that I was shouting “YESSSS BACKWARDS YOU GO!” and cackling like a shrew at Molly’s expressions? 😂 Love your videos!

  12. I have started watching these videos twice. Once to pick up the tips. Secondly so I can pay attention to ALL of the commentary from the editor! You, kind human, are amazing and I look forward to your one sided banter in every video now. You unnamed person, make my day!

  13. Molly, I have a challenge for you. I think the kali gods get you every time bc you look so miserable in the ride all the time (which is the BEST part lol) but try pretending to be happy on the ride and I bet you’ll be one of the lucky ones.

  14. Molly, you should maybe think about doing Genie+ in 2 parks! I would do Hollywood Studios then Animal Kingdom! I know you can't do more than 2 Fancy Rides per day, so maybe like a combination of Genie+ and Standby/Single Rider. It could be called the PERFECT Park Hopping Day in Disney World! Also, I agree on not needing Genie+ for DAK. I would instead buy Fancy Rides for Flight of Passage, and since currently Expedition Everest is included in Genie+, a Fancy Ride could be bought at another park, which depending on what you think is worth it is a great way to save a little!

  15. I am so pleased to see Molly so excited to draw Bruce. Watching the recent videos about things to do without lines at Animal Kingdom I think we saw similar footage of her getting to draw Bruce. I was excited for her, knowing her love of sharks, but was surprised that she didn't mention anything in that video. So nice to see her reaction in this video and I think she did a great (no pun intended) job drawing him!

  16. I like Molly, hate to get wet, so we brought disposable Panchos during our trip this month which worked great. Sure we looked like we were wrapped in giant sandwich bags and practically suffocated due to tightening our hood straps with all our might, but we stayed dry. I would suggest that Molly trade in her jacket for something waterproof like a windbreaker if she doesn't like panchos.

  17. Not to get political but make desantis and chapek do a trade, no whatever you want to call it bill in florida in exchange for removal of genie+ and bringing back fast pass.

  18. The dramatic music for Kali rivers!!! Thank you! My son came running when he heard the music and asked me: what’s happening? Oh, not much honey, Molly is riding Kali river rapids. I think he judged Molly…

  19. Hi Molly! Just not a fan of Genie+. I just don’t want to spend my park days constantly looking at my phone and refreshing it for what’s next. I honestly think it’s a poor system. I want to take the parks in, not have my nose in my phone. Jen xo

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