Can the Niners can Russell Wilson’s Seattle reign with a Week 13 win

The 49ers have an incredible opportunity in front of them this weekend in Seattle.

I’m not talking about the potential to move to a 7-5 record, which would nearly guarantee a playoff berth for the Niners.

No, as cool as that would be for San Francisco, there’s plenty of time left in the season to complete that goal.

In the meantime, something larger is in play.

They can put a stake in the heart of their arch-rivals.

If San Francisco wins Sunday in Seattle, they’ll set the Seahawks into a tailspin that could take years to undo.

How often can you not just defeat, but vanquish, a mortal enemy?

It’s rarely, if ever, possible. Once-in-a-generation, at best.

Take advantage when you can.

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