CARRY ON ONLY for a 12-Month Around The World Trip ♦ PACK WITH ME

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I would classify myself as a carry on only minimalist packing novice at this point but I’m learning. I invite you to pack with me! I am leaving on a 12 month trip where I’ll be traveling with a carry on only. That’s right only carry on luggage. In this video I discuss how to pack a carry on especially minimalist packing. One of my favorite packing tips (travel hacks and packing hacks) is using packing cubes, specifically compression packing cubes. I don’t really give advice on what to pack but do show you how I pack.

Packing for travel and packing for a trip can be fun. I have my own personal packing checklist — I have a tendency to forget things, so that helps me! Traveling with just a carry on bag is worth dealing with any of the challenges associated with carry on only travel — hopefully you’ll figure out what travel hack works for you!

Travel, travel, travel ….. that’s my goal. If you’re interested in that kind of content please subscribe to this channel and check out my blog.

Whats in my bag? Watch to find out!!!

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★ Clothes Featured in this Video:

→ Columbia Rain Coat:
→ Hawke & Co. Puffy Coat:
→ Woolly V-Neck:
→ Woolly Henley:
→ Quicksilver Vagabond Shorts (swim trunks):
→ ExOfficio Underwear:
→ Nike Downshifter 8 Sneakers:
→ Reef Sandals:

★ Gear Featured in this Video:

→ Osprey 30L Porter Backpack:
→ Eagle Creek Pack It Compression Bags:
→ Camera Messenger Bag: (changed the back featured in this video to this one: – more expensive but it’s more what I was looking for)
→ Travel Scale:
→ Rainleaf MicroFiber Towel:
→ Sony a6500 Camera:
→ 16-70mm Sony Lens:
→ 16mm Sigma Lens (Night Lens):
→ GoPro 7:
→ Mic:
→ Fotopro Bendable Tripod:
→ Manfrotto Mini Tripod:
→ International Adapter:

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20 thoughts on “CARRY ON ONLY for a 12-Month Around The World Trip ♦ PACK WITH ME

  1. I’m going to say this in the nicest way possible🤪 

    You may not recall, but I was also born & bred in St. Louis…anyway. 

    I finally caught some of your dance moves. Not bad 👍🏻 However you do move just like a white boy from the Midwest. 🥰

    I’m not knocking it, I love that your willing to dance at all! It amazes me how many men won’t.

    I hope you are having a spectacular Sunday!

  2. I learned, early in life, to travel with only carry-on luggage; a bin sized suitcase with handle and wheels and a backpack. It's amazing what you can pack, by rolling everything. As I only travel to visit people, I don't need to take much. I normally pack an extra pair of jeans/shorts and shoes, a couple of shirts, a skirt and blouse, under clothing, socks, and a couple of toiletries I prefer. I carry my Mac and Nikon in my backpack along with whatever else I need for each trip. I usually stuff a jacket or sweater in there, also.

  3. Hi again! I was just wondering…what made you realize you wanted the Osprey Porter 30 rather than the Farpoint 40? I absolutely love the Porter and feel I can fit almost the same amount in that than in the Farpoint. The fact that I can smush the Porter under the seat in front of me on a plane in a pinch was the tiebreaker.

  4. I bought those Nike running shoes on your recommendation, and I was not disappointed. They are so light! I'm also convinced that they could pass in a restaurant with no problems. The only thing I found was that they are a tad slippery for hiking, but they do the job. Thank you for this – I may buy another pair!

  5. Love your videos, thank you for posting/making then please make more!

    Please make a video on the strategy on your countries selections (the whys), on budget, and cultural interests (the good and maybe not so good?).

    Your latest video made me research Valencia, I'm going to Valencia in March for the las Fallas Festival 😄😄 thank you!

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