Carta Bella Old World Travel Mini Album – ButterBee Scraps Design Team Project

Hello everyone! Today I would like to share a mini album that I created for ButterBee Scraps. This is a design team project using the Carta Bella Old World Travel paper collection. This is a really fabulous vintage travel collection as goes really well with all of the awesome metal at ButterBee Scraps.

Stay tuned at the end as I will share a quick tutorial with you on how I created the pages in this mini album. Have a great day!


33 thoughts on “Carta Bella Old World Travel Mini Album – ButterBee Scraps Design Team Project

  1. Pure perfection as usual ! I love everything about this album!! Thanks for the tutorial! I have the Tim Holtz tiny attacher but can not find the staples for it locally. I looked on amazon and found them .There is also another brand there for the small attacherย , size wise it should fit the Tim Holtz. Do you only purchase Tim Holtz brand staples or generic work as well for you? Where do you purchase your staples? Thanks in advance for staple information.

  2. Absolutely beautiful. Love your albums. Can't wait for the tutorial. Definitely getting this paper. My son travels frequently with his job This is perfect! Thank you for sharing your talents! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  3. I bought this paper to make an album for my sister, and I was hoping that you would use it in one of your projects. I love your work, thank you for being so generous and sharing how you made yours, it is perfect.

  4. An another wonderful album!ย  You are such a good teacher and I can follow your instructions very easily!ย  One question…the little fold out on the front cover…did you use hinges to make the pages?ย  Sorta like the waterfall that you do???

  5. Ginger…oh my gosh this is fabulous! I LOVE your style – there is no one else like you out there and that's a testament to how great you are. Thanks for the ahead-of-the-curve tutorial . . . I guess you know us pretty well!

  6. I would love to make this album for my son who is a student and has spent the past six months on a co-op with a major airline. Although he has free standby travel all over the world, and has gone to Germany, Spain as well as different parts of the Country. I ask for photos, but unfortunately get a couple of buildings and statues! I may make this album and title it, " My son went to Germany, Spain, etc and all I got were these lousy photos! I hope that you got a laugh from this and I will wait patiently for the tutorial! Thanks for being so generous with all of your scrap knowledge! Have a great week!

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