Commercial, Home Window Tinting Company in Houston, TX Piloting for Huper Optik

huperoptikA commercial/residential window tinting company in Houston, TX, named Advanced Energy Films, is being the pilot for a test trial of CityScoop’s advertising program.  Hüper Optik, a window film provider, has a dealer network of over 400 locations, of which Advanced Energy Films is one.   When CityScoop has achieved first page rankings for Advanced Energy Films, the next step will be to invite the rest of their dealer network to join in providing window tinting related content to CityScoop’s readers.

Hüper Optik is a “patented window film technology provider” specializing in window tinting products for commercial and residential window tinting applications.  Known for having high quality products, and an equally high quality reputation in the window tinting industry, Hüper Optik takes a further step to ensure that their window films are handled by the highest quality installers. Their “Dealer Network Program (DNP) is comprised of the top 10% of dealers in the window film industry.”

Meet the Pilot:


Company: Advanced Energy Films

Owner: Lisa Carlyle

Advanced Energy Films, located in Houston, TX and serving the greater area, is a residential and commercial window tinting company.  They specialize in “window tinting from a design point of view,” with many choices in different window films and shades.

Over the next 2 months, Lisa and her team at Advanced Energy Films will be providing window tinting content for the Houston, TX CityScoop column.   In February, Huper Optik will be holding their annual convention in Orlando, FL, and CityScoop will be there to announce our new partnership with Huper Optik and their dealers.

If you are a part of a franchise, group, or organization, and would like more information about how your franchisees or members can become content providers for CityScoop, email us at

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