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Meet the Vrapi family, an american family who decided to sell everything – their house, their cars, restaurants they owned – and travel all over the world in a camper van. They talk about the benefits of downsizing your life and of spending much needed time as a family.

Before, Kaleigh and Engjell used to work demanding, full time jobs, running several restaurants and barely seeing their kids in their everyday life. They have experienced the freedom it brings to get rid of a lot of junk and things you don’t really need, and they enjoy life so much more now. Their three kids, ages 11, 6 and 3, are now all home schooled and they often take them to museums, parks etc. to actually see the things they read about in their books.

The Vrapi family are currently traveling through the U.S., after which they will go to Europe and then Asia and Africa afterwards. You can follow their journey through their website:

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