Couple Travels the World in an Extreme 4×4 Mercedes • VAN LIFE TOUR

VAN LIFE TOUR ~ Couple lives tiny and travels the world in a 4×4 expedition vehicle. We are touring their BiMobil EX 480 Mercedes Benz powered overland off road truck camper.

Live and Give 4×4


29 thoughts on “Couple Travels the World in an Extreme 4×4 Mercedes • VAN LIFE TOUR

  1. Thank you for watching our collaboration with Fabian and Isabella of Live and Give 4×4. We are now traveling full time in our “new to us” Expedition Vehicle, please subscribe to their channel and ours.

    As humans we need to Embrace Commonalities and Celebrate Differences. There is no making fun of accents in this video. It’s just 4 friends who happen to be experienced travelers from different parts of the globe sharing an amazing vehicle on YouTube. Please be appreciative that we shared this part of our lives that day in which Italians, Americans, Germans and an American Polish guy are also mentioned. Don’t take things too seriously, if people took notes from the four us, who were having fun and laughing for almost two hours while filming, maybe the world would be a better place.

  2. ARV
    Advanced Recreational Vehicle
    Is making the B Box in the United States.
    Bosco is the best name for a dog.
    It was the name of our dog. He was a Border collie ~ Belgium Shepard cross.

  3. Mercedes has this figured out. The exterior looks like a hybrid commercial van, armored car, military command post and an outback rig. It looks durable and ultra self-sufficient.

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