disney travel day + what's in my travel bag | disney world travel day 2021

Hey friends! I was out of town last week but I’m back with a new upload. I wanted to share my Disney travel day vlog with you where I take a red-eye flight across the good ole U.S. of A. I also added a little “What’s in My Travel Bag” bit in the video, per my friend’s request. I hope you enjoy this Disney World Travel Day vid, & I hope you’re all doing well. πŸ™‚

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πŸ’•Items mentioned πŸ’•:

– 3-Pack camera batteries + charger:
– Airplane footrest:
– Apple headphone jack adapter:
– Blue travel brush + compact mirror:
– Pink portable phone charger:

Places mentioned:

πŸ“Έ Filming gear:

– Sony ZV-1 Camera:
– iPhone XR:
– Saramonic furry windscreen (dead kitten):
– Saramonic mini mic:
– Tripod:


🎢 Music:

VHS Hero by Lofive
A Spotless Mind by Arthur Benson
Automatic by Bonkers Beat Club
Borrowed Matches by Tape Machines
Foreverlasting by Justnormal & Frumhere
Shopping for Fun by Tiki Tiki


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disney travel day + what’s in my travel bag | disney world travel day 2021


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13 thoughts on “disney travel day + what's in my travel bag | disney world travel day 2021

  1. my daughter has started to call our wind cover a "Fuzzy Bunny" I like that so much more than the other one. This is the second video ive watched today that has awesome airport coverage. i need to step up my travel day airport game. Great video

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