Disney World Bound!? – Travel Day Vlog – Day 1

Thank you for checking out our video! we love to Disney and share our adventures on here with you all. We hope you enjoy watching 🙂

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Equipment I Use
Sony RX100 MK5 Camera –
Manfrotto Tripod –
128GB SD Card –
GoPro Hero 5 Black –
GoPro Handler Grip –
GoPro Duel Battery Charger –
Macbook Pro 13 (editing) –


28 thoughts on “Disney World Bound!? – Travel Day Vlog – Day 1

  1. Great first vid, can't wait for the next.

    Talking about airlines that are no more, my very first orlando trip as a kid was with British Caledonian. Had to stop in Bangor, Maine in those days on the way 😀

  2. An immediate Thumbs Up from me, really nice seeing a new video and start of a new vlog series. Nicely put together video, especially the snazzy camera tricks when unpacking your suitcases, heh. I'm curious, I've been re-watching a lot of your vlogs lately and was wondering if your family member, Mia I believe, got a chance to go back to Disneyland Paris after the Air France balls up?

  3. I think Britainna airways are theoretically still around, Just a name change, now TUI! When we fly Tui there’s still Britainna merch (there drinks trolleys have the old logo still!). I have fond memories of Britainna so had a massive gasp when I saw that logo!

  4. Great travel vlog, you put that up quickly, I’ve just watched it whilst we are still in florida’ got another week left, cant wait to see the rest of the videos and a haul if you do it x

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