Disney World Travel Day 2021 – Flying during Covid, Delta

Curious about Traveling or Flying during Covid 2021? Disney RIGHT NOW? Join Mermaid Nina as she TRAVELS to Disney World during Covid with her family in this Disney World Travel Day 2021 Video. SEE what the Airport looks like, was it busy? SEE how the full or empty the Airplane is (Delta). Ride the Magical Express to Disney’s Pop Century. Was it safe? What was it like flying during Covid 19 Delta? Did everyone wear a mask? What did Delta serve on the plane? Were the Middle Seats empty or full? What was Magical Express like? Long Line? Its ALL in this video! In this – Disney World Travel Day Vlog. Make sure to FOLLOW Along and Subscribe as this is just ONE of many Disney World Covid videos to come!

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15 thoughts on “Disney World Travel Day 2021 – Flying during Covid, Delta

  1. I just found you guys. Really enjoyed the video. So reminded me of when my guys were little and my own Disney trips with them. Thanks a lot Iโ€™ll be looking out for more ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’•

  2. Loved this upload! We are travelling in Oct to wdw with our kids. They're 6 &7 and have never travelled outside of car trips. So this was an excellent video for us to watch and talk thru each part. Thank you!

  3. Love your travel day videos!! Now I am even more excited for our upcoming trip:) Also cant wait to get to the airport alittle early and ride the airport tram again at DTW. When we flew out of DTW in May it wasn't running yet……Also, probably making a chik fil a run too:)

  4. I enjoyed your video! Your energy is Magical! Pop Century is such a fun resort!! I live here now near Disney and forgot how fun the anticipation on travel day can be before you land at MCO! So fun!!

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