Disney World Travel Day 2021 – Spring Break Travel to WDW

Curious about Traveling or Flying during Covid? Disney during Spring Break? Join Mermaid Nina as she TRAVELS to Disney World during Covid with her family in this Disney World Travel Day 2021 Video. SEE what the Airport looks like, see what has changed. SEE how the full or empty the Airplane is (Delta). Ride the Magical Express to Disney’s Bay Lake Tower. Was it safe? What was it like flying during Covid 19? Did everyone wear a mask? What did Delta serve on the plane. Were the Middle Seats empty or full? What was Magical Express like? Long Line? Its ALL in this video! In this – Disney World Travel Day 2021 Vlog. Make sure to FOLLOW Along and Subscribe as this is just ONE of many Disney World Covid videos to come!

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32 thoughts on “Disney World Travel Day 2021 – Spring Break Travel to WDW

  1. I am going to Disney in January from the UK staying in the pop century hotel, I have seen you have had groceries deliver to you, could you tell me if this would be possible for me to do and if so how? Thanks Juliet

  2. This video gives me so much Nostalgia from my family's trip in 2015. That Feeling you get when you step off the plane and board the bus knowing you're about to have the best week of your life…

  3. getting on the magical express is genuinely one of the best feelings ever. going under the disney bubble, and arriving in front of your hotel.. love it. my favorite part of the trip

  4. Hello have enjoyed your vlog.We are from the UK and used to watching UK travel days but ofcourse no-one has travelled from the UK for over a year and we don't know when we can come back. We were last there in November 2019, from getting of the plane to getting to CSR it was 60 minutes including going through immigration and collecting luggage. Looking forward to seeing more vlogs

  5. I always have a weird night before we take off. We live way up north 😉 and our airport only offers a few flights. No luxury of sleeping in.

  6. I always thought of flying during spring break but I have anxiety every time I’m in big groups now 🙁 so far I hope I find next month a good crowd! Makes me excited watching your videos.

  7. I’m in Orlando watching your video in my hotel room lol. I just got here today so I’m so happy I think I’m going to Disney Springs tomorrow and I’m probably gonna go to Wild Florida to feed some animals also. I hope you guys have a fun trip ☺️☺️☺️ great video!!!

  8. Hi! I’m disappointed that Disney is getting rid of the magical express in December of 2021, but I really hope that they put in place another transportation system from the airport to Disney World!

  9. I’m flying in October our flight takes off around 6:15 am and hits Denver at around 11:30 then we’ll get into Florida around 7:15 pm hopefully our bus is there for us we probably won’t get into our room until 10 or 11 pm.

    Is it a lot easier on departure day again our plane leave at 7:15 am quick layover in Denver we’ll hit Portland around 11:15 am coming back will be a breeze.

  10. This is so helpful! I’ve said before, we aren’t planning on going to February 2022 so who really knows what it’ll be like by then. But we fly Delta and this is just so reassuring! When we went in 2019 before all this COVID stuff they were incredibly clean then so it is just so amazing that they continue doing an amazing job 😊

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