DISNEY WORLD TRAVEL DAY VLOG | August 2021 | Solo Disney Trip | Day 1

Welcome to my WALT DISNEY WORLD TRAVEL DAY VLOG from August 27th 2021!!!! I am so excited to be sharing with you all Day 1 of my first ever solo trip to Disney World! I will be traveling from Toronto (YYZ) to Orlando (MCO) and then spending the day at EPCOT!

Want to see the Day before the trip and the Delta Hotel?:

The whole trip playlist:

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25 thoughts on “DISNEY WORLD TRAVEL DAY VLOG | August 2021 | Solo Disney Trip | Day 1

  1. I'm an old timer remembering the old time Disney theme parks Magic, just Love😍Everyones vlogs! Wonderful job on this video, Thanks for the Memories, from South Florida, USA!

  2. This vlog made me very happy, brought a smile from ear to ear. I can feel your vibe and sense of emotions, overwhelming, at times. I fully understand you. I too will be experiencing a solo trip on September 30th, celebrating MKs 50th anniversary ! It’s just a short 3.5 hour drive for me 😊

  3. I am so happy that you were able to do this trip Brooke! I am also from Ontario and haven't been able to go back to Disney since November 2019, and my family usually go multiple times a year since we are DVC members. The past (almost) 2 years being away from the parks has been so hard on me, but we do have a trip booked for this November. My parents will be deciding within the next few weeks wether or not we are going to actually go. Watching your videos has brought me so much joy, especially since our situations are very similar, so thank you for that. Fingers crossed I also get to go back this year !!

  4. Omg loved your video!!!! We go from Pearson as well, but I do have questions about PCR testing and how you did it in on the way back? Or if we need to thank you , your trip looks amazing

  5. Great Vlog Brook! What a fun start to your stay – Pop, Skyliner and Epcot! If only Stacy and the Must Do's was still playing on the resort TV's! Thanks for sharing and Happy Friday from the Mouse Streeters!

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