Elevate your WORLD TRAVEL Experience!

We have completed the first 6 months of our World Travel and we have learnt a lot in that time so in this video we show our top 8 lessons/tips to improve your own world travels. Slow Travel is very different to a vacation and we cover a number of considerations including Budgeting, making connections with locals and even whether World Travel is right for us?

If you are new here, we are just your average British couple with an extraordinary dream to travel and as such, sold our house and all our stuff so that we could explore the world for the next 10 years, seeing different cultures, meeting interesting people and sharing it from our perspective.
All of our travel will be cost-effective, we do not have a huge budget! if you think you’d find that interesting and useful, why not subscribe, we would love you to come on the journey with us.

The DNA of our channel is :
– Entertaining
– Informational
– Cost of Living for long term World Travel
– We don’t take ourselves too seriously
0:00 – Thank you
0:50 – Keep Travel Plans Flexible
3:41 – Don’t Pack for the ‘Just in Case’
7:15 – Budget Management
9:14 – Accommodation, Nice to have’s?
11:09 – Make Local Connections
13:48 – World Travel Doesn’t Mean 1st Class
15:28 – You don’t have to be Perfect
17:28 – Is World Travel right for Us?
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29 thoughts on “Elevate your WORLD TRAVEL Experience!

  1. These are all good points for anyone who travels. You are different in that you have to sustain your trips over a longer period of time. I look forward to seeing how you do it.

  2. Lol at 'Mexican' restaurants in the UK! The only place I ever had burritos in Mexico was up in Durango and Chihuahua. They are very much a northern Mexico thing. Don't get me started on chimichangas whatever they are!

  3. Oh, don't say that. Of course you have a home to come back to. Amigos, it's called MEXICO😉🇲🇽💞🥳🎉🇲🇽 You stole our hearts. Come back! We miss you☹️Really. We do🥺 We'll be waiting for your return with open arms. In the mean time please take care of yourselves, regroup, definitely come back to this region of the world. You'll love South America…Colombia, Brasil, Perú, Venezuela, Ecuador. The nice thing about Mexico…you know them already: it's full of warm people, your money goes a long way cause we love, love tourists😋…not all countries do is the truth, weather is nice even in the winter, the food is AWESOME and different anywhere you go because each region has its own culture, food and traditions. . Hei, that burrito looked yummy, pricey but it looked good from here😂👍 Sending you warm hugs. I'm looking forward to a fabulous tour of gorgeous London🇬🇧

  4. Can't wait to see the "what we shouldn't have packed" video, it will be extremely informative to many. Flexibility is key when traveling. You can buy clothes you need anywhere you end up, and the great thing is that there are usually second hand shops! $230 for that burrito? Dear lord! Btw, burritos can definitely be found in Mexico, they originated here 🙂 Glad you've started your must/would like to have list. VERY important when traveling. You hit the nail on the head, it's absolutely imperative for travelers to join Facebook groups for cities BEFORE going there. Don't wait until you get there. I'm so happy that you learned in Mexico that bus travel really is first class (at least in my book) and so much cheaper. Regarding "you don't have to be perfect," do what's good for you. Living in Mexico in a city that doesn't have MacDonald's, I once in a while have it when I travel to a city that does. And I do NOT feel guilty about it. I'm so happy to hear you say that world travel is right for you, it's a terrifying jump but so right for so many. I'm not surprised that going to the US was hard on the budget, come back to Mexico for six months to recoup some of that money 😉 You've currently got 2.67 subs, you're not talking for the sake of talking, keep doing what you're doing – Anne

  5. Well done. We have come to many of the same conclusions, including the fact that international travel is definitely for us. One other thing we have learned that it is better with friends and we are fortunate for having met you along the way. May our paths cross again soon. In the meantime, safe travels.

  6. We're like you, in that we know world travel is right for us. Although, we have hit a snag in our plans for this winter, but after we get the health concerns sorted we'll be back out there again. Looking forward to your travel plans 🙂

  7. Great to see you both. This was a good round up, at an opportune time, to take stock and reassess. Thankyou for the advice, we are following it to a tee….just one thing, we don't have a backup plan….we are becoming full time travellers, period 🤣

  8. My favorite insights were the high cost of America, and you don't have to be perfect. Then in your last segment you basically said that you 'jumped' (into world travel) and then asked 'was it right for you?'. I found that to be personally quite an amazing moment. You were (are) incredibly brave. You jumped. And after that you discovered it was the right thing to jump to. I also found your willingness to share this absolutely awesome. Kudos. I wish you nothing but a wonderful future.

  9. Hi guys! Love your content! I have one tip re packing light. I go hiking a bit in the mountains, and like most hikers i want to minimise the amount of clothing l bring for obvious reasons. Clothing sold at good outdoor shops can be super light and durable. And although the prices can appear eye watering, over a 10 year period it can work out cheaper. The bonus is that I can use the same clothing when i go travelling and it really helps to travel lighter. For example, 10 years ago i bought a northface ultra light hiking pants for about 100 pounds, and I’ve used it every year for hiking but also on my overseas trips to spain, india, japan, etc.

  10. Some really great points here. We've been traveling the US for the past 2.5 years. Staying in budget has been stressful but we have managed. We can't wait to start our international journey to Spain, Portugal and Turkey this winter. We've been trying to find somewhere in the UK to spend a month or so next summer that won't break the bank (under 2K month near mass transit?). If you have any suggestions about where to go, we would love your input. Love your channel.

  11. I am really looking forward to the new format even though I loved the old format. I guess I just get a kick out of you two. It looks like other people are using the information to apply to their plans. I watch for the entertainment value and hope that maybe I can see some of the places one day but, if not, I can see them on your show. Is London the next stop? I guess we will see the planning in real life time. Well…. on Saturday.

  12. I am looking forward to seeing what you did not use in the past 6 months.
    You both are very unique to be doing this as it is pretty easy when you are 20 something to leave your life and travel the world but when you are older (and I am older than you so I mean this in the best way) it takes a lot more cojones! Maybe there are others on YouTube in our age range but I haven’t found them. I admire you both!

  13. Love hearing your perspective! We can relate, as we are doing the same. We’re finally filming abroad in Panama. We so hope to meet up with you and can’t wait to hear your plans to see if our paths might cross! Hope you’re both doing well and getting a chance to visit with your families while you are home. Keep the videos coming! 💕

  14. I laughed so hard when you were talking about finding an uncluttered space, and Sarah laughed and said it would be until Neil unpacked there. 😂🤣😂🤣. My husband is the same way. 🤣😂. I enjoy your videos so much they so educational and personal. Looking forward to following your new adventures! 😁

  15. Been following closely! We sold everything in September and just completed our first destination! Learned some lessons from this first trip. We’re not retired yet though. We’re traveling full time and running our business!

  16. It's good to hear a fellow slow travelers perspective. As you know we did the same, sold everything in the middle of a pandemic no less and headed to Europe. Its great you're sharing your experiences with others who are preparing or hoping to do the same. Great information!
    Can't wait for next week's video to hear where your travels will be taking you!
    Safe travels you too! ~Debbie and Stijn

  17. So exciting to see the evolution of your journey! Glad that you're still enthusiastic about the nomad life! We feel like self reflection is a superpower when it comes to making our life of perpetual travel sustainable, and glad that you're finding that too! Also, Sarah's got jokes! 😂😂😂 ♥️♥️♥️

  18. Thanks so much for commenting about your learnings over the past six months. Love your videos and learning and living vicariously through you both! Looking forward to next weeks video and your future plans.

  19. Sarah and Neil – this is a valuable video and so appreciated! It is just what I need to know right now and has helped that overwhelmed in planning feeling. Looking forward to your next video. Currently thinking about the balancing of expensive countries and not so expensive countries vs nearby geography. Thanks!

  20. Well done guys for sharing your plans.
    The leap of faith you have is great to see and as long as your budget holds firm, I am sure it will all be ok.
    It’s a mind set and you just have to be
    focussed. Life is very short, so taking the
    plunge is the chance we all take one way or another. Good on you.

  21. Great content! You're right, the U.S. is very expensive, but as you know we were in Las Vegas recently too and even we had sticker shock! That place is ridiculously expensive. Just for future reference, not everywhere in the U.S. is quite so over the top. : ) We hope you come back and visit some cheaper locations. 😁

  22. I don’t think I’ve ever been a first viewer of any video🙂. I’m planning something similar – learning from both of you. I really appreciate the ‘nuts and bolts’ information. Glad to see you both back!

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