Ep 1 | Walt Disney World travel day | Manchester – Orlando Oct 2019

Flying is a big deal for me. I hadn’t got on a plane for 8 years until i decided that had to change. Since then i’ve been to Florida 3 times. Although i may look in absolute panic…this is the best I’ve ever been! Here’s our travel day from Manchester to Orlando. We stayed 14 nights at Coronado Springs with the free Disney dining plan. I hope you enjoy watching!


23 thoughts on “Ep 1 | Walt Disney World travel day | Manchester – Orlando Oct 2019

  1. Awesome travel day vlog. Worth facing your fear of flying to get to your happy place. I absolutely loved how excited your mum was 🤣😂. World of Disney is awesome but it really is like a maze! 😂🤣. Really well put together. I look forward to watching more of your vlogs. 😍😍

  2. God that mother is so common, jumping on hotel beds, drinking a pint of whatever rubbish that is "doom bar" at that hour of the morning with her breakfast and out of a bottle – james trade her in for a better model

  3. Hey James,been meaning to check this out for a couple of weeks now and so glad I did. Really enjoyed this and you come across so well. Cant wait to follow you guys on this series

  4. New subscriber. laughed my head off at the beginning and the face masks. I also am petrified of flying and its not spoken about as much as it should be although flying is safest way to travel (brain does not tell you that though) haha!! loved this travel vlog xxx

  5. Loved this vlog. Very honest, and you all look like so much fun. That store is so big now, it definitely gives you a headache. We didn't know which way to turn. Fantastic vlog. Can't wait to watch more xx

  6. James, I can't even! Aaahhh I've been waiting for this vlog! This is my second time through watching😄 Aww I love the Alfie pillow🐶 Your mom made us laugh so many times during this video! The face masks were hilarious😂 But the funniest thing was the difference between you and Leon on the plane😱👀 But I have to say you did amazing on the flight!✈️ Yes the heat really does slap you right in the choppers😂☀️ Your room at Coronado is amazing! I love that the TV said 'Welcome Farrow Family'❤️ You gasped so many times in the World of Disney store! It really is overwhelming, isn't it? I get sensory overload in that store! I love seeing how giddy your mom is, and Laura having the Disney bug as well! Did Leon buy the poncho? Up for 24 hours, oh my you must have slept really well that night. Enjoyed this so much and we can't wait for the next one!🤗

  7. As expected, we loved this James!
    Hope you had some travel bum wipes !
    When you pulled up outside Coronado it brought all the Disney feels back for us. Love that place. Glad you loved your rooms.
    And loved the ponchos in World if Disney – isnt the size of the World of Disney store overwhelming?
    We really can’t wait for the rest of these. Thanks for the time and effort you’ve put into it.

  8. That Dominos made us drool big time! The horror of the face masks! 😱 love the convenience of Radisson Blu. Frankie and Bennys is our traditional breakfast too. I feel your fear of flying. Coronado looks fantastic! My daughter is staying there next week! The rooms look lovely. World of Disney is rather overwhelming! Brilliant Vlog xxx

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